Smyrna Quadriplegia Injury Lawyer

Georgia law allows those with quadriplegia to recover damages like lost income and medical bills if they can show someone else caused their condition. When you are in this position, you may have a claim against the driver, doctor, or business owner responsible for the damage done to your body. Taking on the responsibility of a lawsuit may detract from your important healing process, so hiring a team of attorneys who could support you may be your best choice.

A Smyrna quadriplegia injury lawyer welcomes the chance to get to know and work with you during the claims process. We understand the tremendous toll a paralyzing injury has on someone’s body, psyche, and relationships. Our experienced paralysis injury attorneys devote significant time and resources to championing the rights of those left quadriplegic because of someone else’s actions.

What Is Quadriplegia?

Quadriplegia is when someone is paralyzed from the neck down. Often, those with quadriplegia cannot move their limbs or neck at all; sometimes, they may still have feelings in their hands, feet, toes, or other parts of their bodies. Most cases of quadriplegia result in permanent injury, but some people may recover function in parts of their body.

Those with quadriplegia may lose the ability to regulate their bodily functions like breathing or digestion. They may require a machine to help them breathe. Those with breathing issues could develop complications like pneumonia because they cannot cough or do so with enough force to dispel mucus in their air passages.

A compassionate quadriplegia injury lawyer in Smyrna helps people with quadriplegia and their families navigate the legal process after an accident. They interview those involved to understand what happened and its impact on the injured party’s quality of life. Our knowledgeable attorneys also use their command of the law to develop a legal strategy to maximize an injured person’s chance of a favorable outcome in court.

What Legal Compensation Could Someone Receive for Quadriplegia?

Georgia law allows people to get two types of damages: general and special. General damages encompass pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and other invisible losses. Special damages include quantifiable losses like lost income, medical expenses, and property repairs.

In rare cases, injured people may receive punitive damages for what happened to them. A financial award for punitive damages punishes the at-fault party for their egregious or vindictive actions. They are appropriate if the at-fault party’s behavior surpasses negligence and looks more like willful or intentional conduct.

Our Smyrna quadriplegia injury attorneys have training in the many Georgia laws that cover when and how much compensation injured parties can recover. Often, the available monetary award and how to get it depends on the specific type of claim (e.g., medical malpractice). A well-practiced lawyer could help their client understand what they need to do to win their lawsuit and how to frame an argument for damages.

A Smyrna Quadriplegia Injury Attorney Could Help You Recover

Quadriplegia is often a lifelong condition and may impact your ability to walk, breathe, and feel like you did before the injury to your spinal cord. Filing a lawsuit could give you the financial relief you need to address the harm done to you and gain closure. You could research laws and write legal documents yourself, but a skilled attorney at The Hammers Firm is best positioned to help you with this task.

We stand ready to fight for those who suffer significant spinal cord injuries, like quadriplegia, because of the actions of others. We treat our clients like people throughout the legal process and always put their interests front and center. Contact a Smyrna quadriplegia injury lawyer at our firm today to schedule a consultation.