Smyrna Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Paraplegia can prevent or significantly limit you from walking, running, and participating in your favorite activities. If your paraplegia was caused by a car accident, medical mistake, slip and fall, or other form of negligence, you may be able to seek compensation. Georgia law empowers injured parties to file a lawsuit against the person or individual who caused them harm.

Many people with injuries find that hiring a Smyrna paraplegia injury lawyer helps them to relieve their burden and feel secure knowing a trained professional is taking care of their case. Our knowledgeable paralysis injury attorneys at The Hammers Firm have helped many people in your position. We understand it can be frustrating and uncomfortable to endure paraplegia and are here to help get you justice.

What Is Paraplegia?

Paraplegia is when someone experiences loss of movement in their legs, and it can be complete or incomplete. With an incomplete injury, the person still has some feeling or function in that part of their body. Someone with a complete injury does not. In most cases, people with this condition do not fully regain their ability to function in the impacted of the body.

Paraplegia can also cause someone to experience loss of or impaired function in their lower organs. For example, they may struggle with incontinence, loss of sexual function, or difficulty breathing. If the damage to their spine is higher, they may also experience numbness, tingling, or other symptoms in their arms.

Our experienced paraplegia injury attorneys help people in Smyrna by bringing legal cases against those who caused or contributed to the paralysis. They review medical records and subjective reports (like the injured party’s account of their condition) to understand the injury’s impact on their life. Then, our proactive lawyers combine this with their knowledge of the law to create arguments that further the injured person’s interests.

What Can Cause Someone to Experience Paraplegia?

Spinal cord injuries, the source of paraplegia, could happen in many ways. For example, someone may break their neck or back in a serious car or truck accident. Or they may develop paraplegia after falling down a flight of stairs at a mall.

Medical malpractice could also lead to paraplegia. For example, if the doctors make a mistake during someone’s back surgery, they may cause damage to the patient’s spinal cord. Medical errors while delivering a baby with spina bifida could create conditions (like gaps in vertebrae) that could injure the baby’s spinal cord.

Regardless of the source of the paraplegia, Georgia law allows injured parties to receive compensation if they can show someone else is to blame for what happened. A well-practiced paraplegia injury lawyer in Smyrna could help injured parties understand if they have a case against someone. They can also prepare and file legal documents (like complaints and motions) and represent plaintiffs in court.

Call a Paraplegia Injury Attorney in Smyrna for Assistance

If you lost function in your legs or organs because of an accident, Georgia law may allow you to recoup your losses by bringing a legal case to court. Filing a suit cannot turn back time and undo what has happened, but it could alleviate the financial cost of your condition. You have every right to bring a claim by yourself, but you may find that this interferes with your healing process.

Our firm advocates for people who experience paralysis, difficulty walking, or other problems caused by a spinal cord injury. If you are in one of these situations, we welcome the chance to talk with you about your situation and see if we can help. Contact a Smyrna paraplegia injury lawyer at The Hammers Firm to schedule a consultation.