Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing a beloved member of your family is a moment that no one is ever prepared for. It is devastating, emotionally challenging, surreal, and confusing. The idea of making decisions about the future while reeling from such a loss is often overwhelming, alien, impossible. Sometimes death occurs suddenly during or following an accident that is someone else’s fault. This could potentially be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. If you are dealing with this, we urge you to speak with an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer. Make contact as soon as possible. With an experienced attorney’s assistance, you can hold the responsible parties accountable for your unthinkable loss. You can also recover compensation that, while it pales in comparison to your loss, will help in moving forward.

Working with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Atlanta: The Basics

“Wrongful death” refers to when a person is killed due to misconduct or negligence by someone else. The responsible party can be another person, organization, or entity.

A number of factors need to be present in order for a wrongful death claim to be strong. Most important among the elements are the following items:

  • Negligence or malice on the part of the defendant.
  • Financial strain resulting from the loss.
  • Criminal behavior, medical malpractice, poor supervision, exposure to occupational hazards, or similar situations.

Work with an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer like those here at Hammers Law Firm. We will inform you of the circumstances and scenarios in which you may be able to recover compensation. Financial injury is the primary means by which the amount of compensation is determined in a wrongful death case. This includes loss of income from the breadwinner in a home. Financial loss is, however, far from the only factor. The details depend on the circumstances of your loved one’s death.

Family members may be able to sue for medical and funeral costs and loss of financial support. Even interest accrued beginning on the date of death can be included. A good wrongful death attorney in Atlanta will pursue intangible damages like pain, suffering, and loss of consortium. If the incident occurred due to gross negligence or malice, punitive damages may be sought as well. Your Atlanta wrongful death lawyer will examine your particular situation and advise you as to the best path forward.

Get Prepared: Following the Lead of Your Wrongful Death Attorney in Atlanta

Wrongful death almost always implies unexpected death, generally in an accident or another catastrophic mishap. These events are gutting, sudden, and unthinkable in terms of the strain and distress they cause. No matter the circumstances of a loved one’s death, most of us are unprepared for the resulting complications. Taking the advice of your Atlanta wrongful death attorney and following their lead can be calming. You should be able to keep a level head and handle the situation with relative ease. Listen carefully to the advice given by your wrongful death attorney in Atlanta. Follow that advice exactly. Your lawyer’s assistance will make the coping process more bearable. Your wrongful death attorney in Atlanta will take away the stress of dealing with negotiation. They will seek to get a full and fair settlement.

The initial phase of a wrongful death case is the research and investigation phase. This is often the most important part of building your case, and it is performed first. Compiling all the evidence, testimony, and facts at the outset is important. It will ensure you and your Atlanta wrongful death attorney have a clear idea of what to expect. You can help this process go as smoothly as possible for your Atlanta wrongful death lawyer.

Try to keep all the information you have related to your loved one’s death in a single file. Organize it as neatly as you can. Relevant documents include accident reports, medical bills, and medical records. You should also hold on to documentation from the insurance company, statements, and so on. In fact, you may begin compiling and organizing this information even before retaining a wrongful death attorney in Atlanta.  On retaining an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta you will be guided on gathering other types of evidence.

Your Wrongful Death Attorney in Atlanta Will Try to Settle

In the second phase, you and your Atlanta wrongful death attorney will examine the possibility of a settlement. This will keep your case from going to trial. Trials are long and stressful though sometimes necessary. If avoided, your wrongful death lawyer will always try to do just that for you. Your Atlanta wrongful death lawyer will advise you on the best course of action for a fair financial recovery. This obtains whether your wrongful death case deals with a car accident, workplace accident, medical malpractice, or other situation.

Settling a case before trial will allow you to recover compensation for your loss sooner. However, sometimes the settlement may be less than what you may stand to gain by going to trial. Together with your wrongful death attorney in Atlanta, you will be able to make an informed decision. You need to determine sort of settlement you’re willing to accept. This will give your wrongful death attorney in Atlanta some leverage in negotiations.

Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorneys Explain the Laws in Georgia

In most cases, the specifics of a wrongful death case will not change from state to state. Still, sometimes local provisions can impact the outcome of a trial in the United States. Since the legal landscape can be complex, we strongly urge you to work with an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer.  They are familiar with all the relevant statutes and local ordinances. An Atlanta wrongful death attorney can suggest a workable and successful strategy for your wrongful death case.

Willfully wrong, malicious or neglectful actions can entitle a family member to compensation. Negligent actions (or inaction) which result in a personal injury claim are fairly similar to those in wrongful death. Legally speaking, a wrongful death claim is very similar to a personal injury claim. The only difference is that the injured person, unfortunately, did not survive.

The surviving spouse or child may work directly with an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer to start seeking compensation. If the deceased person was not married and had no children, a claim may be brought by the parents.

The jury determines which potential damages to recover. They calculate them according to the magnitude of the effect of the loss on the family. Both tangible and intangible effects are valid. All surviving family members divide the compensation in a wrongful death case. As mentioned, often wrongful death claims can reach a settlement before going to trial

Some of the types of compensation which can be recovered in the event of a wrongful death claim include:

  • Lost wages, including employment benefits
  • Medical bills and hospital stays
  • Funerary expenses
  • Loss of property
  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering or emotional distress
  • Punitive damages for gross negligence

In Georgia, you need to make wrongful death claims within three years of the family member’s death. Not surprisingly, the sooner you make the claim, the more beneficial it potentially is for the surviving family membersThis is why you must seek the advice and guidance of an attorney as soon as possible. Grief may make it hard to make decisions but this is necessary in the long run.

Choosing an Wrongful Death Attorney in Atlanta

It goes without saying that a lot is riding on the failure or success of your wrongful death claim. The death of a family member can be a significant financial blow to any family. Of course, a successful wrongful death suit will not dull the emotional impact of losing a loved one. However, it can ease the costs associated with rebuilding your lives in a significant way.

Wrongful death suits can be long and complex. Sometimes, particularly if the claim seems straightforward, you may have the temptation to take on the task aloneTake the advice of our wrongful death attorneys in Atlanta. You must not attempt to go it alone. You must not hire the first wrongful death attorney in Atlanta you encounter. We believe the wrongful death lawyers serving Atlanta, GA here at Hammers Law Firm are among the best. Still, we encourage you to examine all your options and interview several candidates. Choose the wrongful death lawyer who best serves your needs.

When searching the list of wrongful death attorneys near Atlanta GA, it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. After all, how do you do research to find an attorney for such a unique and unforeseen event? To compound matters, you are trying to make informed decisions while dealing with grief and anguish. A good place to begin is with personal recommendations or referrals. Often, a friend or family member will have worked with an attorney or firm who handles wrongful death cases. They will be able to give you a good referral. If this isn’t the case, we recommend reaching out to several firms yourself, including ours. Interview them and choose the one that seems to best fit your particular situation.

A Wrongful Death Attorney at Hammers Law Firm Can Help

Here at Hammers Law Firm, we understand that the grief and pain of losing a loved one are indescribable. The anxiety and worry surrounding the financial strain and a potential lawsuit can only add to these troubles. That is why our Atlanta wrongful death lawyers are here to help. We are happy to take on your legal burdens. That way you can focus on being with your family, grieving and remembering your loved one. Take the time to work on finding a sense of closure. Healing from such a profound loss is a process. It happens over a span of a few years. Our experienced wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta treat every one of our clients with the utmost compassion and respect. At Hammers Law Firm, you can be sure we will listen, support you, and relentlessly pursue justice on your behalf.

Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Atlanta

We are your potential advocates in a wrongful death case. We are ready to make some firm commitments to you as experienced wrongful death attorneys serving Atlanta. When you contact Hammers Law Firm for your wrongful death case, we will provide a free case evaluation and consultation. There is no obligation whatsoever on your part. During the consultation, we will advise you as to the strength of your case. We will inform you about the potential compensation you could recover, and the breakdown of the process.

We will always detail all of your available options from consultation to settlement. Every decision you make will be as informed as it can possibly be. We promise open lines of communication with your Atlanta wrongful death lawyer and with our staff.  Also, we will serve also committed to serve your immediate needs and protect your long-term interests. Finally, we promise absolute dedication to achieving the best possible outcome in your wrongful death case.

To the experienced wrongful death attorneys at Hammers Law Firm serving Atlanta GA, you are more than a case number. You are a human who, through no fault of your own, has suffered an unimaginable loss. We are ready to listen, and we are certainly ready to help. Contact a wrongful death attorney in Atlanta today.