Atlanta Xeljanz Lawsuit Attorney

Under normal circumstances, the pharmaceutical drug Xeljanz is meant to help individuals with rheumatoid arthritis cope with their pain; however, the drug’s manufacturer, Pfizer, has faced significant legal backlash due to the medication’s undisclosed side effects.

Individuals who suffer from injuries or health conditions related to their use of Xeljanz may be entitled to legal compensation with the aid of a dangerous drugs attorney. If you or your family members have endured detrimental conditions, including blood clots or cancer, as a result of Xeljanz use, you can discuss a potential case with an Atlanta Xeljanz lawsuit attorney.

Understanding Xeljanz and its Legal History

Upon initial release, the FDA approved both Xeljanz and Xeljanz RX to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Over the next several months, consumers started to see several common side effects impact their overall health. While some of these side effects only impacted patients in the short term, others resulted in long-term harm.

In response to this abrupt rise in negative responses to Xeljanz, law firms throughout Georgia and the rest of the nation took action. Civil suits against Pfizer began to pop up, citing defective design and failure to adequately warn patients about the treatment’s side effects as reasons the manufacturer bore liability for its consumers’ losses.

As of 2019, Pfizer and the FDA began running a black box warning on Xeljanz prescriptions. This warning details some of the most common side effects related to the drug’s use, effectively serving as a stop-gap between Pfizer and any injured parties who might have brought their case forward after the black box’s release. The FDA released a similar notice again in 2021.

How Can Xeljanz Affect the Body?

According to suits filed by other parties, Pfizer allegedly failed to warn consumers about side effects, including respiratory tract infections, sinus infections, reduced white blood cell count, and fatigue. Patients who previously took Xeljanz also report increased rates of liver damage, bodily thrombosis, and an increased likelihood of stroke or cancer. You should identify all potential side effects that you endured to your Atlanta Xeljanz lawsuit lawyer.

What Information Should a Xeljanz Lawsuit Include?

To file a lawsuit related to alleged injuries related to Xeljanz’s use, you first need to establish a civil complaint. Courts require these complaints to detail specific information prior to taking the claim before legal professionals. This essential information includes a statement from a medical professional detailing the losses a person allegedly endured as a result of their Xeljanz use.

Complaints should also identify Pfizer as the party you wish to hold liable. In doing so, you and your Atlanta Xeljanz injury attorney should prepare to draw connections between the company’s duty of care, alleged violation, and use-to-injury causation.

All parties who want to pursue compensation for medical conditions related to Xeljanz have a limited amount of time to do so. According to Georgia Code § 51-1-11, you must bring your case forward within two years of discovering the injuries, provided the injuries and subsequent cases fall under the state’s understanding of personal injuries.

What Compensation Can I Receive in a Xeljanz Suit?

While filing a Xeljanz lawsuit, you should outline the extent of your financial losses in the initial complaint. These losses can translate into eventual compensation, depending on the outcome of the case. A person’s losses – and subsequent compensation – in a Xeljanz suit can include:

  • The cost of medical treatments related to the use of Xeljanz
  • The cost of medical aids
  • Lost opportunities for employment influenced by the injured party’s previously mentioned conditions
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death expenses

Certain cases may even allow you to submit legal expenses among your expected compensation, depending on the nature of the complaint at hand.

Get in Touch with an Atlanta Xeljanz Lawsuit Lawyer

The mass torts currently issued against Pfizer declare that their rheumatoid arthritis treatment, Xeljanz, was made in such a way that causes harm to users. If this applies to you, and if your family has suffered as a result, then Pfizer may be held liable for your or your loved one’s losses.

To determine how best to carry forward a Xeljanz lawsuit, sit down with an Atlanta Xeljanz lawsuit attorney. Our legal professionals could help you address the complexity of your situation and allow your family to recover.