Sandy Springs Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking accidents are among the more severe types of motor vehicle collisions. Considering the immense size of trucks and tractor-trailers, a slight collision with this vehicle could result in painful injuries and extensive property damage. These types of setbacks could have significant financial repercussions, making it vital that victims obtain compensation for their injuries.

If you wish to learn more about filing an injury claim involving a semi-truck, get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney who could provide you with the aid necessary for obtaining a positive result in your case. A Sandy Springs truck accident lawyer could sit with you to review the facts of your case, help you calculate damages, and assist with assigning liability to the appropriate guilty party. To get started, call today to schedule a consultation.

What Are the Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Some of the biggest causes of truck accidents include distracted driving. Like regular drivers, truck drivers could also fall into the temptation of using their cell phones while driving. There have even been instances where truck drivers were caught watching videos on their phones while driving. As a result, truckers are more likely to cause an accident and inflict injury on unsuspecting victims.

Another common cause includes driver fatigue. Truckers are under immense pressure to make sure their deliveries are made on time. Unfortunately, some truckers will push themselves to their physical limits by skipping the required time for rest. Truckers who engage in this type of behavior could have their reaction time delayed or could fall asleep behind the wheel.

Common Injuries Suffered in Truck Accidents

Due to the massive size and weight of trucks, you could suffer catastrophic injuries. Even if you were only clipped by a tractor-trailer, you could suffer long-term injuries that would require extensive care. It is not uncommon to suffer orthopedic injuries of the neck and back. In addition, you could also suffer broken bones, fractures, and disfigurement.

Who Could Be Held Liable for a Truck Accident?

In Sandy Springs, as far as trucking accidents, there are several different people that could be held liable. In a truck accident case, the truck driver who caused the accident would commonly be held liable. You could also hold the trucking company liable for actions they took that could have led to the accident. Examples include improperly hiring the driver who caused the accident or improperly supervising the at-fault driver. They could also potentially hold the shipper of the cargo liable in certain limited cases.

Proving Negligence

In order to prove negligence in the State of Georgia, you must be able to prove the following four elements:

  • Duty
  • Breach
  • Causation
  • Damages

This means that, in order to render a positive result, you must be able to prove that the at-fault party owed a duty of care to you, the at-fault party breached that duty, and because they breached that duty, they caused an accident which resulted in your injuries and damages.

Contributory Negligence

The local region follows the contributory negligence rule. This means that if you are 50 percent or more at fault for the accident, you will not be able to recover compensation. However, if you are less than 50 percent at fault, you will be able to recover whatever percentage is less than their fault. For example, if you are found to be 25 percent at fault for an accident case worth $100,000, you will only be able to recover $75,000.

Considering the opportunity for a limited damage award, you should look to hire an attorney experienced in dealing with Sandy Springs truck accident cases who could work to maximize your potential damage award as much as possible.

Important Reasons to Contact a Sandy Springs Truck Accident Attorney

Victims who have suffered significant injury as a result of a truck accident should retain the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A Sandy Springs truck accident lawyer could help with recovering evidence, communicating with insurance companies on their behalf, and providing guidance throughout the claim.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury, reach out to schedule a consultation today. Doing so could make a massive difference in your overall quality of life.