Sandy Springs Truck Driver Fatigue Accident Lawyer

When truck drivers are under pressure, they may attempt to cut various corners to make sure that their cargo is delivered on time. Although this may seem beneficial in the eyes of the truck driver, they are putting others in danger by risking high levels of fatigue.

If you have been injured in an accident where a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel, get in touch with a Sandy Springs truck driver fatigue accident lawyer today. Doing so could increase the likelihood of presenting a convincing and thorough argument for compensation.

Dangers of Driving While Fatigued

The most obvious danger that comes with driving while fatigued involves the risk of falling asleep and losing control of the vehicle. Another danger is that driving while tired can drastically reduce a driver’s response time. As a result, they will be less able to respond to slow traffic or a vehicle swerving into their lane. They may also be unable to observe certain hazards such as someone in the roadway or a car stowed on the side of the road.

What Rules and Regulations are in Place to Prevent Driver Fatigue?

There are various rules in regulations that are focused on minimizing driver fatigue as much as possible. For example, drivers are required to drive under a certain amount of hours with required periods of rest. Both the drivers and their employers are responsible for logging drive times in order to make sure that no one is working too closely with the allowed limits. Good trucking companies have their own rules about rest times for truck drivers to help get them the good quality sleep they need.

What is the Leading Cause of Driver Fatigue?

The leading cause of driver fatigue is not getting a good quality sleep at night. Some truck drivers may take advantage of their rest time to engage in activities that would harm their rest. These activities include partying, watching TV, and even playing video games. Although not common, some drivers may drive over the allowed time limits if they are pressured to make a certain delivery on time.

There are also experts used to prove that a driver was fatigued how their level of fatigue affected their ability to drive safely.

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Being injured in an accident caused by a truck driver falling asleep or feeling drowsy while sleeping, be sure to get in touch with a Sandy Springs truck driver fatigue accident lawyer today. An experienced attorney could speak with you about your case to gain more insight as to who at-fault for your accident and how much compensation is owed to you. Call today to get started.