Trucking Laws and Industry Regulations in Sandy Springs

The purpose of trucking laws and regulations is to ensure the safety of both truckers and other nearby drivers. However, when these rules are undermined, the negligent party is placing a great amount of risk to everyone around the truck. Victims who have suffered injuries as a result of a driver or company failing to comply with the trucking laws and regulations in Sandy Springs should seek the justice they deserve with the help of a professional attorney.

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Who Oversees Trucking Regulations?

The federal government only regulates the trucking industry to a certain extent, but they do set the minimum standards that trucking companies, as an interstate commerce, must meet. Each state has different regulations that certain companies must follow within the borders of that state. As a result, the state of Georgia has more specific rules than the federal government.

How Does the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Come up with Regulatory Standards?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA) comes up with new regulatory standards by doing research on what the options for new standards are, and then publishing a working rule. Once the working rule has been established, the FMCA would then take comments from people in the industry. Usually, they would take comments from other public interest groups that may be affected by the rule. Depending on the feedback received, they may decide to enact the rule or table it.

Laws Required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

There are many trucking laws that are required by the federal government. For example, truck drivers cannot drive over a certain amount of set hours per day and per week. If a truck breaks down on the side of the road or sometimes in the road, truckers are required to put certain signs and signals out to notify oncoming traffic that their truck is broken down. There are also regulations making sure that trucking companies are not putting poor equipment and vehicles on the roadway and that they are properly maintained and safe to operate.

Responsibility of Trucking Companies to Follow FMCA Regulations

Trucking companies are supposed to comply with federal regulations and the state law. Unfortunately, that does not happen in every case. If they violate the federal law, they would most likely receive a citation that can be easily paid. There is not much oversight from the federal government on whether a trucking company is consistently violating or adhering to the regulations. As a result, a lot of the burden to keep the trucking companies accountable is through civil lawsuit.

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Trucking companies owe everyone a responsibility to operate their business in a manner that does not harm innocent drivers who they share the road with. Unfortunately, when trucking companies and their drivers choose to behave in a manner that is not allowed by the trucking laws and industry regulation in Sandy Springs, catastrophic accidents can occur.

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