Lawrenceville Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries are often devastating and life-altering for injury victims and their families. When negligence leads to wholly preventable accidents that injure you or your loved ones, you may be eligible to seek damages for your injuries. Contacting a Lawrenceville spinal cord injury lawyer may allow you to determine whether your situation qualifies for a personal injury claim.

Pursuing a spinal cord injury claim can allow you to seek some justice for your injuries in holding negligent persons accountable for their actions. You also may be able to secure much-needed compensation to assist you with your physical and financial needs. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney can be your most potent tool in seeking damages for your losses.

Common Types and Consequences of Spinal Cord Injuries

The hallmark of spinal cord injuries is partial or total paralysis, or a lack of feeling, sensation, or movement in specific parts of the body. In most cases, a traumatic blow or impact to the spinal cord causes these injuries. Depending on the level of the trauma, the strike may completely sever the spinal cord, or result in a fracture or compression of vertebrae.

Spinal cord injuries take two primary forms: incomplete and complete. Incomplete spinal cord injuries may leave you with some varying degree of functionality below the location of the damage to the spinal cord. On the other hand, complete spinal cord injuries typically involve a permanent loss of feeling and function below the site of the injury.

Injury victims who develop quadriplegia have no sensation or mobility of the arms, legs, and trunk. Aside from the ability to move, you also have a loss of function in their affected bodily systems, such as bladder control, sexual function, and even breathing. Paraplegia, however, involves paralysis of only the legs, pelvis, and varying degrees of the buttock. A skilled Lawrenceville attorney could investigate the circumstances of an incident that led to spinal cord damage and collect evidence that proves liability.

Negligence and Spinal Cord Injuries

Many types of accidents can lead to spinal cord injuries, but motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of these injuries. Individuals generally must act in a way that keeps others safe, whether they are driving or maintaining the safety of a business. If individuals act negligently or with careless disregard for the safety of others, they may face liability for any injuries that result from the accidents that they cause.

Other common accidents that result in spinal cord injuries based on negligence include medical malpractice, sports accidents, assaults, and slips or trips and falls. Workplace accidents are another source of spinal cord injuries. Consulting a local attorney may benefit you if you have sustained spinal cord injuries.

Seeking Damages in Spinal Cord Injury Claims

The damages that are potentially available in spinal cord injury claims can be extensive. A typical form of compensation that individuals seek in personal injury claims is medical bills. Medical bills are often huge and are likely to continue accruing for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

You may need varying degrees of care, based on your specific injuries. You may need 24-hour-care, which is expensive, or may have ongoing medical needs that necessitate treatment. The permanency of these injuries makes medical and personal care bills a prominent portion of any settlement or damages awards.

A skilled lawyer in Lawrenceville can help seek compensation for medical bills and other damages sustained by spinal cord injury victims. Other potential damages may include medical equipment, lost wages or future income, home renovations to accommodate disabilities, and pain and suffering. Although damages may vary from one personal injury claim to the next, they typically fall within these broader categories.

Look to a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Lawrenceville for Advice

A knowledgeable Lawrenceville spinal cord injury lawyer can be vital to your ability to get compensation for injuries that you or a loved one have suffered in accidents. Legal counsel might be able to assist you in building your claims and pursuing negligent parties for damages.

The legal process can be complicated, and successfully navigating it can be challenging. Getting legal advice when you need it can be crucial to the success of your spinal cord injury.