Lawrenceville Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

There are few injuries as debilitating as paraplegia. The loss of motor control and sensation in your body can dramatically impact your ability to care for yourself and your family, as well as your quality of life. When paraplegia results from the negligent acts of another person, financial compensation could be available.

When you suffer a paralyzing injury due to an act of negligence, a civil lawsuit might be your best option. A hard-working paralysis attorney could ensure you are fully aware of your legal rights and responsibilities and advocate for your best interests. Contact our firm today to speak with a Lawrenceville paraplegia injury lawyer who could provide you with a path toward fair compensation.

Understanding Paraplegia

Paraplegia is a paralyzing injury that involves the loss of motor control or feeling in the lower body and legs. This condition typically results from damage to the spinal cord. While some can recover from paraplegia, most of the time, this condition is permanent.

In some instances, paraplegia occurs immediately following a serious injury to the neck or back. However, in other cases, the signs and symptoms of paraplegia may take time to appear. For example, swelling and bleeding that accumulates within the body in the days and weeks following an accident can cause delayed onset paraplegia.

This condition generally stems from back or neck injuries that result in damage to the spinal cord. Car, truck, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accidents are a frequent cause of paraplegia, as are sports injuries. Falls and surgical errors could also result in spinal cord damage. A Lawrenceville paraplegia injury attorney could carefully evaluate the details of your injury to determine its cause and who should be held liable for your damages.

Compensation for a Paralyzing Injury

When a civil lawsuit is successful, it can result in financial compensation for the injured party. Given the high cost of treating paraplegia, this compensation could be notable. A Lawrenceville paraplegia injury attorney could work to understand the ways an injury impacts a person’s life to determine an appropriate value for a case.

Settlements and trial verdicts are not made up of a single compensation pool. Instead, an injury victim might be entitled to multiple types of damages. Some of those categories of compensation include:

Lost Wages

Paraplegia dramatically impacts a person’s ability to perform various types of work. Even those that ultimately recover from this condition could be unable to work for months or years during the recovery process. A civil lawsuit could replace those lost wages.

Medical Bills

The cost of medical care is often high when paraplegia is involved. In addition to the high cost of emergency care, a person living with paraplegia will likely require medical treatment for the rest of their life. A personal injury case could cover the cost of this treatment.

Pain and Suffering

Even though paraplegia results in the loss of sensation in parts of the body, this does not mean these injuries are free from pain. In many cases, nerve damage can cause chronic pain that never completely fades.

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Paraplegia is a life-changing injury. When you are living with paraplegia, a monetary award could assist you with addressing your physical, financial, and emotional needs.

A Lawrenceville paraplegia injury lawyer could review your case and advise you on your legal options. Call Hammers Law Firm as soon as possible for a confidential consultation.