Lawrenceville Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Any type of personal injury can disrupt your day-to-day life and result in a lot of personal and financial headaches, but a paralyzing injury is a uniquely devastating and life-altering event. If your accident left with a permanent loss of sensation or mobility, you may have a long road to maximum medical improvement ahead of you, not to mention significant—and lifelong—medical expenses to contend with.

A Lawrenceville paralysis injury lawyer could help you file suit against the party responsible for such an accident and alleviate the financial burdens that may come with your newfound condition. In addition to losses you have already suffered in the immediate aftermath of your accident, a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you seek compensation for future damages that you can expect your injury to cause.

Causes and Effects of Permanent Paralysis

The severity of symptoms resulting from a paralyzing injury depend on where the injury occurs and how significant the physical damage is. For example, an injury to the spine that results in bruising or slight tearing of the spinal cord is considered an incomplete injury. These injuries often occur in car wrecks, truck collisions, pedestrian accidents, and even instances of medical malpractice. This type of injury generally has a better prognosis for recovery than a complete injury, which entails the spinal cord being completely and permanently severed at the point of impact.

Likewise, injuries to the lower part of the spine may result only in paraplegia, or paralysis of the lower limbs, whereas injuries higher up the spine may lead to quadriplegia, or paralysis of the torso and all four limbs. Certain types of traumatic brain and nerve damage may result in more localized types of paralysis like hemiplegia—paralysis of one side of the body—or monoplegia—paralysis of a single limb. A seasoned attorney in Lawrenceville could help you pursue sufficient compensation for any type of paralyzing injury.

Seeking Comprehensive Compensation for a Paralyzing Injury

If a serious accident results in permanent paralysis, short-term losses should not be the only thing a plaintiff seeks restitution for. While it is important to hold negligent parties accountable for things like emergency medical expenses and property repair bills, it is also crucial to hold them accountable for future losses their negligence will force you to go through.

For example, a lot of people who become paralyzed after an accident will have to switch career paths or may be unable to work at all. Accordingly, an ensuing civil lawsuit should factor long-term loss of wages and loss of earning capacity into a settlement demand or civil court claim.

Likewise, the high medical costs and home modification expenses required for a paralyzed individual to care for themselves and maintain some degree of mobility should be the responsibility of the negligent party who injured them, not the accident victim who did nothing wrong. A knowledgeable Lawrenceville lawyer in could discuss with you what damages may be recoverable after sustaining an immobilizing injury.

Talk to a Lawrenceville Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you recently suffered a paralyzing injury, it is understandable if the prospect of pursuing legal action against the person responsible for injuring you feels like an insurmountable task. However, you do not have to go through that process alone, nor do you need to do it without access to years of legal experience and expertise.

By retaining a Lawrenceville paralysis injury lawyer, you could put yourself in a much stronger position to effectively pursue litigation and recover the damages to which you should be entitled. Call today to schedule a consultation and see what kind of assistance a legal representative could provide for you.