Sandy Springs Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Paralysis of any kind is a serious injury. One of the most serious forms of paralysis is paraplegia, which can cause a loss of sensation below the waist along with numerous complications. It can affect your employment, financial health, and personal life. Many causes of paraplegia are the consequence of someone else’s negligence. You could be entitled to substantial financial compensation.

A dedicated Sandy Springs paraplegia injury lawyer is here to help you fight for compensation. Let our highly experienced team of catastrophic injury attorneys handle your case.

Paraplegia and the Location of Spinal Cord Harm

One of the primary causes of a paraplegia injury is spinal cord damage. The location of the injury often determines the nature of the resultant harm. A spinal cord injury might be considered incomplete or complete. Incomplete injuries are those that damage the spinal cord but do not fully tear it. Even in these cases, paraplegia is possible. But it is likelier with a complete tear. This means that the spinal cord is completely torn and separated from its other parts.

Injuries to the lumbar, thoracic, and sacral regions of the spine are some of the main causes of paraplegic injuries. A Sandy Springs attorney knowledgeable about paraplegia injury law can better help you understand the relevance of the distinctions to your case.

Other Potential Causes of Paraplegia Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are among the most common causes of paralysis, but it is far from the only one. Others include:

  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Impact trauma
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Cancer and cancer treatment
  • Infections that cause spinal cord or nerve damage
  • Oxygen deprivation—especially in childbirth

Anyone in Sandy Springs who has suffered these, or similar injuries should call a paraplegia injury attorney right away to pursue the compensation they deserve.

Paraplegia Injuries and Their Symptoms

The severity of paraplegia symptoms depends on several factors. Many will be more or less severe depending on the cause and extent of the paralysis, which varies according to the person.

Possible symptoms of this severe form of paralysis include, but are not limited to:

  • Phantom pain and other phantom feelings
  • Secondary infection or bedsores
  • Depression and mood changes
  • Chronic pain in different areas of the body
  • Loss of sensation or movement below the waist
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Loss of sexual function and feeling

Your condition might qualify you to demand restitution from the responsible parties under Georgia Statutes § 51-12-4. Such a complex, taxing endeavor ought to be handled by Sandy Springs legal counsel experienced with paraplegia injury cases.

Seek Compensation with a Sandy Springs Paraplegia Injury Attorney

Paraplegia injuries create and pose all manner of difficulties and inconveniences for you and others. These are enough to manage on their own; you should not also be made to bear a financial burden. Fortunately, you have options. If your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be owed substantial compensation for losing your ability to walk and feel below the waist.

Let a qualified Sandy Springs paraplegia injury lawyer represent your interests today. Contact Hammers Law Firm right away for help.