Sandy Springs Amputation Lawyer

An amputation is one of the severest consequences of an accident. When damage to a limb is too extensive to remedy, the hospital and doctors may be required to amputate it. This often requires significant changes in lifestyle. Now you may be unable to work or perform the same tasks. Your finances will likely suffer from the medical costs as well.

Your case deserves the utmost attention. Let a Sandy Springs amputation lawyer seek the compensation you deserve. Our dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys are standing by to help you navigate a complex and daunting legal system.

Common Reasons for Amputations and Severed Limbs

Knowing the cause of their accident allows you to begin seeking monetary damages. Compensation is typically sought through a personal injury lawsuit of some kind.

Situations that commonly lead to amputations or severed limbs include, but are not limited to:

A knowledgeable lawyer in Sandy Springs can further detail the common causes of amputation and how they relate to monetary awards.

Amputation or Severed Limbs

Limbs are “amputated” in one of two primary ways. The first is when the accident itself causes the limb to become severed from the body. For example, a major construction accident injury may cut off a limb completely in the accident. They can be completely ripped and disconnected from the body simply due to the trauma of the accident.

Other amputations are surgical. They result because the limb is so badly damaged that it cannot be saved. In these situations, surgical intervention is required to remove the damaged limb.

Partial or Complete Amputations

Partial and complete amputations are different. A partial amputation means that some soft tissue remains that holds the limb together. In some cases, this permits the limb to be reconnected, but not in every case.

A complete amputation is when the limb is completely disconnected from the body. These terms are most commonly used to describe a severed limb that was damaged in an accident. Our diligent Sandy Springs attorneys can explain the relevance of these distinctions to your amputation case.

Comparative Negligence Allegations in Amputation Claims

With severe injuries like amputations, the responsible party may try to blame you. They may argue that you caused at least part of your own injuries through negligence. Under Georgia Code § 51-11-7, the comparative negligence test explains how to determine who is responsible for the accident if both parties are legally at fault.

If someone is more than fifty-one percent at fault for their own amputation, they cannot recover. Otherwise, any percentage of fault simply reduces the overall damages award. This tactic is often just a defensive maneuver without any actual merit. A dedicated Sandy Springs amputation attorney knows how to handle these claims and defend against attempts to blame you for your injuries.

Work with a Sandy Springs Amputation Attorney

Amputation injuries are extremely serious. Losing a limb is traumatic and will affect your physical welfare mental health, and finances. You deserve compensation if a person’s negligence caused your accident.

Let a qualified Sandy Springs amputation lawyer get started on your case. Let us pursue the compensation you deserve. Call us today to get started.