Lawrenceville Child Injury Lawyer

Watching your child suffer after sustaining severe injuries in an accident is one of the worst things a parent can go through. The injuries can be especially traumatic and devastating when the negligent party is a person you trusted to take care of your child. If another person causes their injuries, either through negligent, reckless, or intentional actions, you have the legal right to hold them accountable.

Working with a compassionate Lawrenceville child injury lawyer could boost your chances of a favorable resolution to your case. Contact our firm to discuss your case with our seasoned attorneys.

What is the Leading Cause of Childhood Injuries?

Car collisions are the leading cause of life-threatening or fatal injuries to children. Even when the parent or guardian follows every safety precaution, they are at risk of getting into a life-altering accident because of a negligent driver.

The accidents often have devastating effects on your family’s lives and change everything within the blink of an eye. Some of the common injuries kids sustain in vehicle collisions include:

  • Traumatic head and neck injuries
  • Fractured bones
  • Chest trauma
  • Organ damages, including internal bleeding
  • Psychological injuries such as PTSD
  • Paralysis

It is essential that you have your child receive immediate medical attention after suffering harm in a crash. Science shows that the sooner a medical professional identifies and begins care for severe injuries, the better chance for recovery. A hard-working Lawrenceville attorney could investigate the accident to find critical evidence to prove liability for the child’s injuries.

Children Injured at a Lawrenceville Daycare

Another way that children sustain injuries is while they are under the supervision of a caregiver at a childcare or learning center. Every facility responsible for children must provide safe environments for them in their care. One requirement is running thorough background and criminal record checks on every adult team member in contact with children.

The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Rules 591-1-1-09 states that the centers must complete comprehensive background checks on every person who is over 17 years old. The searches must include fingerprint, background, and criminal checks. The facilities must also repeat the procedure for every person in the center every five years to comply with state legislation.

If a child suffers physical, mental, emotional, or psychological injuries from a childcare center staff member with a criminal history, state laws will hold the team member and center criminally and financially accountable. A knowledgeable child injury lawyer in Lawrenceville could help the family hold the negligent party responsible.

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There is nothing more essential to any parent than their child and keeping them safe is the top priority. If your child suffered injuries because of another person’s careless actions, it is critical that you take prompt action to protect your family’s right to compensation. A compassionate and experienced Lawrenceville child injury lawyer could take the legal work off your hands. Reaching out to our firm could allow you to focus on your child during this challenging time.