Lawrenceville Boat Accident Lawyer

Georgia is home to hundreds of lakes and rivers which are perfect for a relaxing day on the water. But if you are not careful while on the lake, you and your loved ones can face the consequences of someone else’s negligence. If you get into a severe boating accident, a trustworthy personal injury attorney could help you fight for compensation. You can schedule a consultation with a Lawrenceville boat accident lawyer to discuss the best legal remedy to help you recover.

What Legal Action Can You Take After a Boat Accident?

Boat accidents are often even more dangerous than car accidents. Not only do you have to contend with the mechanical complexities of an accident, but there is also the possibility of drowning. By the time you walk away from a boat accident, you might have suffered significant property damage on top of personal injuries – all due to another person’s reckless or negligent behavior.

Responding to this kind of behavior can be straightforward from a legal perspective. You can work with Lawrenceville boat collision lawyers to classify your accident and begin compiling a legal complaint. You can file specifically for property damage or for personal injury, though you will likely have the opportunity to pursue both causes.

Filing a Boating Accident Complaint

The information that you need to file a boating accident complaint is similar to what you would need to file for a motor vehicle accident. You must establish another person’s liability and duty of care, usually by having a lawyer gather evidence and establish a correlation between your losses and another person’s behavior.

Most importantly, boating complaints must be filed within Georgia’s statute of limitations. As is the case with other accidents, Georgia Code § 9-3-33 gives the victims of boat accidents two years to submit personal injury complaints to court. Comparatively, those who want to file a complaint regarding damaged property have four years to submit their paperwork, according to Georgia Code § 9-3-31.

How Do Drugs or Alcohol Influence Boat Accident Suits?

Georgia’s Jake and Griffin Prince BUI Law establishes the blood alcohol limit for boaters throughout the state. No one who is captaining a boat within the state may have a blood alcohol level over 0.08. Drivers caught with a higher BAC or who cause accidents while intoxicated may face punitive charges on top of their financial responsibilities if you decide to take them to court.

What Compensation is Available After a Boat Accident?

Victims of boat accidents in Lawrenceville are often left to contend with personal injuries on top of property damage. That is the benefit of filing a comprehensive accident complaint. Parties who bring their losses forward in court have the opportunity to fight for compensation based on the dollar value of their recovery. This means that the party held liable for your losses may be responsible for your medical expenses, boat restoration or replacement, and lost wages.

These same defendants may also be held responsible for your non-economic losses, like emotional trauma. If a boat accident results in a person’s death, then a court may charge the liable party to finance the family’s pain and suffering.

Recover Your Losses with a Lawrenceville Boat Accident Attorney

Recovering from a boat accident requires time and money. You and/or your loved ones might need to take essential time away from work and other responsibilities in order to properly heal from the injuries you sustained. This can put you in a difficult financial position.

You can pursue compensation with help from a Lawrenceville boat accident lawyer. Our dedicated professionals can walk you through the legal process, helping you file your complaint and representing you in the event that your claim must go to court.