Atlanta Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Any injury that causes you any degree of paralysis can alter the course of your life. Your financial security, personal relationships, and employment opportunities may come into question as you navigate life after an accident that results in paralysis injuries. Working with an Atlanta paralysis injury lawyer may be the first step toward resolving your claims against the negligent parties who caused your accident.

Accident victims can live a long and healthy life following a paralysis injury, but their ability to do so without the necessary financial and emotional support can be challenging. Holding negligent parties accountable for their actions may be one way to get the financial support that you need to move toward recovery. A skilled injury attorney may be your best asset when you are seeking compensation for your losses.

Paralysis Injuries in Atlanta

Paralysis causes individuals to lose feeling and voluntary movement in specific parts of their bodies. Depending on the paralysis area, the condition can also affect the proper functioning of some bodily symptoms, including breathing. Likewise, some individuals may have some sensation and movement in their paralyzed limbs, while others may have none.

The most common causes of paralysis are spinal cord and brain injuries or conditions. Strokes, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis can all lead to paralysis in all parts of the body. The location of the injury or damage often dictates where the paralysis exists and how extensive it is throughout the body.

As a paralysis injury attorney can advise, various local accidents can lead to paralysis injuries. For instance, incidents of medical malpractice, including birth injuries and surgical errors, may lead to paralysis. Likewise, car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can all cause spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis.Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Proving Negligence in Paralysis Injury Claims

Negligence, or acting in a way that disregards the safety and protection of others, is a typical basis for personal injury actions related to accidents, including those that result in paralysis. When individuals or companies behave in a manner that does not meet a reasonable level of care based on the circumstances, any injuries that result may be their fault.

Proving fault based on negligence is key to many personal injury claims. Legal counsel can examine the facts surrounding an accident and evaluate whether the available evidence supports legal claims.

Damages and the Cost of Paralysis Injuries

The costs of paralysis injuries over the lifetime of the affected persons can be substantial. Those impacted by these catastrophic accidents are the accident victims and the families who must care for them. When combined with a loss of income for victims who no longer can work in their prior careers, the overall financial toll of these accidents can be devastating.

In a personal injury action stemming from an accident caused by negligence, injured parties may be able to seek these and other damages to compensate them for their losses. Not only may filing suit allow injury victims to hold negligent parties accountable for their conduct, but it may permit them to recoup compensation for their losses. By receiving this financial support, they may be able to receive the ongoing medical treatment and care that they need and move forward with their lives.

Injured parties might claim damages such as lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma arising from the accident that led to their injuries. They may seek compensation for medical assistive devices, home health care, personal care attendants, and more. Enlisting the help of a paralysis injury attorney may be the most effective way to pursue compensation in situations such as these.

Talk to an Atlanta Paralysis Injury Attorney for Advice

The often permanently disabling nature of paralysis injuries can alter most aspects of your life. You are likely to need ongoing medical and personal care for the remainder of your life, which is costly. You may be able to obtain the funds necessary to meet your needs with the assistance of an Atlanta paralysis injury lawyer.

You can take a stand against negligent persons and entities by maintaining a legal claim when their actions cause you injuries. When accidents are avoidable, the responsible parties should be liable for the harm that they cause others.