Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyer

Have you suffered a burn injury while at work or on another’s property? You may be able to recover compensation for your injury with the help of an Atlanta burn injury lawyer. If you were injured at work, you may think your only recourse is to seek a workers’ compensation claim. In many cases this is true. However, there are some exceptions to the rule for worker’s compensation when a worker has a more serious injury. This includes burn injuries. Your case may fit these criteria.  Your catastrophic injury lawyer may help you sue for damages outside of the workers’ compensation system.

When can you start seeking a burn injury lawsuit with an attorney?

In general, these are the situations in which you may be able to seek a burn injury lawsuit. You can sue an employer with the help of a burn injuries lawyer outside of the workers’ compensation system. This is possible if:

  • You were burned due to defective equipment. It may be possible to seek a product liability claim against the manufacturer.
  • You were burned by a toxic substance. It may be possible to seek a toxic tort lawsuit against the maker of that substance.
  • Your employer lacks worker’s compensation insurance (a rarity). You may be able to seek a burn injury claim in civil court. You may also be able to collect a settlement from a Georgia state fund.
  • Your burn injury is due to intentional conduct on your employer’s part. It may be possible to seek a burn injury lawsuit against them.
  • Your burn injury is caused by another party while at work such as a co-worker or visitor. It may be possible to file a burn injury lawsuit against them.

Burn injuries are fairly common in many kinds of jobs in Atlanta. The workers’ compensation system can provide benefits and compensation to injured workers. It, however, will not cover additional damages such as pain and suffering. It also will not include any punitive damages if your employer is negligent or forces workers into dangerous situations. If you have suffered a burn injury while at work, due to someone’s negligence, seek compensation. We urge you to speak to an Atlanta burn injury attorney as soon as possible. They will inform you of your rights and whether you may file a successful burn injury claim.

Filing a Claim Due to Defective or Faulty Equipment – Tips from Your Burn Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

The manufacturer of a machine or equipment may be held liable for injury in certain circumstances. For example, an employee may suffer an injury from a machine that is defective or inherently dangerous. The equipment may also not work as it is supposed to.  As your burn injuries lawyer will explain, it is necessary to show negligence on the part of the manufacturer. Maybe the manufacturer knew the equipment was dangerous or defective and failed to properly educate your employer or workers. Not explaining the potential dangers to those using the equipment is negligent. If the manufacturer is negligent, you can recover damages from that company. You can seek to get compensation for your burn injuries with the help of an Atlanta burn injury attorney.

If faulty equipment or machinery at work caused your burn, speak to a burn injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA. Make sure you do this as soon as possible and learn about your rights. Though you were injured at work, you can possibly seek a burn injury claim outside of workers’ compensation. This would help you to recover damages for emotional distress and pain and suffering. This is in addition to recovering economic losses like medical bills and lost wages.

Injuries Due to Negligence on the Part of Your Employer – Tips from Your Burn Injuries Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

You may have suffered a burn injury at work due to a dangerous situation which your employer knew about. If your employer did not correct it and forced you to work anyway, you may have a case. You may be able to seek a burn injury claim against your employer independently of the workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation is the only course of action for many injuries sustained in the workplace.  However, injuries caused by negligence on your employer’s part can warrant a lawsuit outside the bounds of this system. This includes burn injuries. Speak to an Atlanta burn injury attorney.

In addition, you may be able to file a complaint with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). This helps if you have to work in unsafe conditions. It is possible that you could recover compensation from both with the help of an Atlanta burn injury attorney. Your employer may continue to force workers to use dangerous equipment or to work in unsafe conditions. Filing a claim is important not only for your own sake but for the safety of others. You can learn more about what your rights are in a burn injury lawsuit outside of workers’ compensation. Contact an experienced burn injury lawyer in Atlanta today for help.

I Have a Burn Injury, but I Wasn’t Injured at Work – Who is Responsible for My Losses and Expenses?

A number of factors can influence the success of your burn injury claim. They include the nature of the burn accident and the nature of the party at fault. Any Atlanta burn injury attorney can tell you that every case is unique. The particular circumstances of your case can affect the amount of compensation you stand to recover. They also affect whom you can expect to recover compensation from.

For instance, you burn in a car accident in which another driver is at fault. You can work with a burn injury lawyer in Atlanta to construct a claim against that driver. If burned while on someone else’s property, several people could be responsible. Take for example a business or restaurant. The party responsible could be the building’s owner, the business’ owner, the duty manager or even a staff member. Which party bears the responsibility for your injuries depends on the circumstances. That’s something that your burn injuries lawyer in Atlanta, GA will help you to determine.

Burn Injuries from Defective Products

As another example, a burn injury can be because of a defective or dangerous product. This can be a kitchen appliance or child’s toy. That injury could result in a burn injury claim against that product’s manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. This depends upon which, if any, of the parties, knew of the danger and took the product to market. As before, your Atlanta burn injury attorney will help you to determine the best route forward.

Burns Injuries from the Negligence of Others

In cases involving injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you need work with an experienced Atlanta burn injury attorney. This ensures that an insurance company does not take advantage of you. Personal injury laws, including burn injury laws, are complicated. Our burn injury lawyers in Atlanta are well versed in the nuances of these laws. Severe or widespread burns can result in higher compensation amounts than the insurance company will offer. Moreover, in some cases, the insurance company may refuse to pay entirely. You deserve to focus on recovering from your injuries. You should not have to worry about stressful negotiating tactics employed by insurance adjusters. When you work at a burn injury attorney in Atlanta, we’ll handle the negotiations for you. You can focus on healing.

Filing a Claim with a Burn Injury Lawyer in Atlanta GA

Claims involving burn injuries can be caused by many different situations. Vehicle accidents, faulty products, and workplace accident remain some of the most common circumstances. Our burn injury lawyers have handled burn injuries ranging from home mishaps to aircraft crashes. The process of filing and completing a burn injury claim, as we have mentioned, is not a straightforward process. It often requires the assistance of a burn injuries lawyer in Atlanta to complete all the requirements.

The statute of limitations binds burn injury claims. You must file within two years of the date of the incident. If burned due to the actions or inaction of another party, you can recover compensation.  Reimbursement for those injuries includes the ongoing costs of medical treatment and lost wages while you recover. It also covers any reduced capacity to earn income. You may also be able to recover non-economic damages. This applies to things like emotional distress, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Dealing with Insurance Companies in a Burn Injury Claim

When you begin a burn injury claim, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster. They may ask for a statement or other documents, such as a medical release. In many cases, the insurance company will tell you that these releases or statements are necessary for your claim. They may imply that cooperating directly with the insurance company will ensure the maximum possible settlement for your injuries. As Atlanta burn injury attorneys, we urge you to refuse any and all of these requests. Do not provide a statement, whether verbal or written, before you speak with a burn injury lawyer. Do not sign any medical release for an insurance company. If approached by an insurance adjuster, simply refer them to your burn injuries lawyer in Atlanta, GA.

By giving the insurance company a statement, you may unwittingly provide them with material they can use against you. This can ultimately result in a reduced settlement. Even worse, providing a medical release allows the company to access years’ worth of your medical history. An Atlanta burn injuries attorney knows this includes illnesses and injuries not related to your accident. They will use this access to search for similar events or injuries in your past. They will attempt to argue that your burn injury was not because of the accident. Even if there no past event could have produced your injuries, we strongly advise against sharing your records. Providing a private insurance company with access to your private medical records is not a good idea. The best route is to speak about your injuries and your claim only with your Atlanta burn injury attorney. Refer all others to them.

The Experience You Need from a Burn Injury Attorney in Atlanta

Here at Hammers Law Firm, we are very proud of our reputation as experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys. Our burn injury lawyers serve Atlanta clients. We know how to guide them through the daunting process of filing and winning a burn injury claim. We have the commitment to setting them at ease and allowing them to focus on healing. Burn injuries are devastating, disfiguring, painful, and require long periods of medical care to heal. If burned because of another party, you deserve the maximum compensation for your injuriesBy working with an Atlanta burn injury lawyer at Hammers Law Firm, you can focus on rebuilding your life. Your attorney will take on the tasks of negotiating and constructing a strong case in your favor. If you’ve suffered a burn injury, don’t wait – contact a burn injury attorney serving Atlanta, GA today.