Sandy Springs Uber Accident Lawyer

Rideshares remain popular way for people to get around town. In many locations, they have surpassed taxis as the preferred mode of transportation. However, one concept that has not changed is the responsibility of all drivers to keep others safe.

A driver who causes a collision that results in an injury is liable, regardless of their mode of transportation. People who endure injuries because of the negligence of Uber or other rideshare company drivers can seek out restitution for their losses with the help of a talented car accident attorney. A Sandy Springs Uber accident lawyer could help you seek out compensation for your losses and hold all liable parties accountable for their actions.

Rideshare Driver’s Duty of Care

A driver’s working for Uber does nothing to change the fact that they must provide protection to all other people that they may encounter while behind the wheel. This extends to other drivers on Sandy Springs roads and passengers in those vehicles. In addition, Uber drivers are responsible for protecting the welfare of their customers. As a result, an Uber driver who causes an accident must provide fair compensation to all injured people, regardless of where those people were prior to the incident.

Proving fault for these accidents is one way in which a Sandy Springs Uber crash attorney might be able to help. They can investigate whether an Uber driver was violating a traffic law in the moments leading up to the collision. They can also work to perform a full analysis of the event to place blame on rideshare drivers and avoid any allegations of shared blame.

An attorney performs these steps with the time limits under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-33 in mind. This says that most people have no more than two years after the date of a crash to demand compensation. Talking with an experienced Sandy Springs attorney immediately after an Uber wreck helps to avoid this potential complication.

Does Uber Share Responsibility for a Wreck?

There is no doubt that a driver who is personally responsible for a crash must provide compensation for a victim’s losses. However, if the responsible party is a rideshare driver, their employer could bear some liability as well. A concept of the law called respondeat superior states that employers are liable for the actions of their employees.

This concept is one of many reasons why rideshare companies such as Uber have fought to avoid the classification of their drivers as employees. Instead, they argue, and the law agrees, that these drivers are independent contractors. As a result, people who endure injuries involving Uber drivers can only pursue those drivers and their insurance companies for the compensation that they need.

Consult with a Sandy Springs Uber Accident Attorney Right Away

The drivers of Ubers and other ridesharing companies have the same obligation to protect others while on the road as all other drivers. This means that if they are at fault for a collision, they must pay for all resulting medical bills, lost income, and emotional trauma that they inflict. Even so, these drivers and their insurance companies may attempt to shift blame onto another motorist, or an insurance provider may allege that their policy does not cover economic activity such as driving for a rideshare company.

A Sandy Springs Uber crash lawyer wants to help you to receive the compensation that you deserve. Our team could not only help prove fault for an accident but also address many of the complex legal questions that can arise during these cases. Contact us now to improve your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.