Smyrna Personal Injury Lawyer

Life in the Jonquil City should be safe and peaceful. After all, it is one of the fastest growing and most prosperous communities in Georgia. Unfortunately, although not as crowded and noisy as Atlanta, Smyrna sees its share of accidents and injuries. Our Smyrna personal injury lawyers are always ready to represent injured residents.

Although state laws are clear in protecting the injured, applying them to a particular case is not easy. In order to obtain compensation for their injuries, some people need to file an insurance claim. Others need to file a lawsuit and defend their rights in court.

If you incurred injuries due to another party’s negligence, we can help you too. At Hammers Law Firm, you will find all the advice and assistance you need. You can actually obtain it for free, as we offer a free preliminary consultation. All you have to do in order to benefit from one is call our office and make an appointment.

Our attorneys have been practicing law for decades and will answer all your questions and provide all the information you need. They will help you identify the best course of action according to the specifics of your case. Our attorneys handle a variety of personal injury cases including but not limited to the ones reviewed below.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Smyrna Lawyers Handle

Car Accidents

The number of traffic accidents and injuries has been growing constantly since 2012 in Cobb County. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reports close to 35,000 crashes and 8,500 injuries in 2016 alone. Many of them occurred on I-20, I-75, and I-285, but also on Cobb Parkway, South Cobb Drive, and Atlanta Road.

At Hammers Law Firm, we have clients calling us right from the accident scene. Our Smyrna accident and injury lawyers often help clients through the aftermath of the accident. We guide our clients’ actions, help them avoid mistakes, and gather all the necessary evidence. Insurers have no alternative but accept and honor our compensation claims. If they refuse, we do not hesitate to go to trial.

Truck Accidents

Due to its strategic location in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Smyrna Georgia sees a lot of heavy traffic. Trucks remain the primary transportation method for all types of goods and merchandise. Unfortunately, they often get into accidents, and the cars they hit usually incur the most serious damages.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration admits that truck drivers cause 50% of the accidents they get in. In other cases, the fault belongs to the trucking company, their parts suppliers, or maintenance providers. Proving liability in truck accident cases is not easy. However, a Smyrna truck accident attorneys, as many have learned, always finds the evidence needed for the case.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclist accidents took 13 lives in Cobb County in 2016, more than in 2013, 2014, and 2015 combined. They also caused serious injuries and huge property damage. Motorcyclists are usually the ones who incur the highest losses. Our motorcycle accident and injury lawyers do everything in their power to help them obtain compensation. They often visit clients at the hospital and take over cases while our clients are still in recovery. They take over all formalities, providing our clients with advice, assistance, and peace of mind.

They know motorcycle laws and regulations by heart, and they investigate accidents thoroughly to prove liability. They support their compensation claims with solid evidence, forcing the party at fault or their insurer to pay.

Bicycle Accidents

Bike riding is a great way to enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery, exercise, and protect the environment. Unfortunately, in the crowded traffic of Smyrna, it can be dangerous. The best proof of that is that the number of bike accidents. From 2015 to 2016, it increased by 21%.

Bicyclists are usually the victims of the accidents they get involved in. They are also the ones to suffer the worst injuries. At Hammers Law Firm, our Smyrna personal injury lawyers have made it our mission to help them obtain rightful compensations. A bicycle accident attorney can help them recover their medical expenses and the value of their bike. Depending on their case circumstances, we may be able to claim additional losses, like pain and suffering.

Workers’ Compensation

Smyrna’s rank as one of the best neighborhoods for small businesses in America reflects on workers’ compensation cases. Many start-ups and small businesses fail to offer the protection and benefits their employees need and deserve. If their employees complain, they take measures against them. If workplace accidents occur, they and their insurers do everything they can to avoid paying the due benefits.

Our team of justice seekers includes experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys. These see every case as an opportunity to teach employers a lesson and help their victims find justice. They consider their clients’ interests as their own and defend them against all odds.

Uber Accidents

Uber claims to improve traffic safety by providing rides to impaired drivers and additional transport solutions. Unfortunately, they do not always succeed. At Hammers Law Firm, our accident and injury lawyers have handled their fair share of Uber accidents. These cases are among the most challenging.

Although the transportation network company has quite impressive insurance coverage, accessing it is not easy. There are many variables in the equation, and only an experienced Uber accident lawyer can solve them. Moreover, Uber and its insurer have some of the best accident attorneys on their payroll. These will do everything in their power to avoid paying or diminish the amount.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Many people slip and fall on commercial building floors in Smyrna, GA. It can happen anywhere, from the Concord Village Shopping Center to The Crossings and Cobb Center. If the floor itself is not slippery, moisture due to recent washing or liquid spills can make it so. In theory, the building owner or manager is responsible for the accident and should cover the victim’s losses.

In practice, most will argue that their client was negligent, distracted, or even impaired. They may claim the victim brought the accident upon themselves by wearing slippery shoes or being in a restricted area. Any slip and fall accident lawyer at Hammers Law Firm is quite familiar with these strategies. They know how to counteract them and prove their case to obtain the compensation their client deserves.

Wrongful Death

The State of Georgia Code Title 51 Chapter 4 governs wrongful death cases throughout the state. It allows a deceased’s family to seek compensation from the party at fault for their loved one’s demise.  They can claim not only material losses but also emotional ones. Of course, the process is not easy.

There are two types of wrongful death claims, each with its own particularities and requirements.  The procedures are lengthy and troublesome, especially for grieving relatives with no legal knowledge. Everything takes time, yet time works against the claimants’ interests.

Our attorneys at Hammers Law Firm know how painful losing a loved one is. A wrongful death attorney at our firm will fight with everything they have to ensure their clients receive a fair compensation with minimum effort and hassles.

Premises Liability

Property owners or managers who accept people on their property owe the latter a duty of care. This means they could be responsible for the injuries someone incurs on their property. Their liability depends on the status of the person entering their property. Georgia Code acknowledges three statuses, detailed under sections 51-3-1, -2, and-3: invitees, licensees, and trespassers.

In order to obtain compensation for their injuries, victims will need to prove their status. They will also need to prove the dangerous conditions and that the property owner was aware of them. This, along with all the formalities and procedures, are better left to an experienced premises liability lawyer. You will find some of the best at Hammers Law Firm, eager to help with your case and defend your interests.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and other healthcare providers are supposed to protect and improve our health. Unfortunately, they sometimes make mistakes or neglect their duty and cause more harm than good. When it happens, their patients are entitled to compensation. The easiest way to obtain it is by working with a Smyrna attorney.

Patients are not familiar with medical protocol and treatment procedures. They may have a hard time acknowledging and proving a malpractice case. For our accident and injury lawyers, medicine is like an open book. Their years of experience allow them to acknowledge and prove medical malpractice cases with minimum effort. They turn every case into a wake-up call for negligent healthcare providers and they always secure fair compensations.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes should be the place where our elders find the peace, care, and comfort they need. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The very people supposed to look after nursing home residents end up neglecting and abusing them.

Such behaviors should never remain unpunished or unexposed. They should be turned into a lesson for anyone threatening the safety and dignity of Smyrna seniors. That is what a Hammers Law Firm nursing home abuse attorney can do for you. They take over nursing home neglect and abuse cases, they prove them, and they compensate their victims.

Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is supposed to be safe and beneficial for one’s health. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Pedestrians get injured in traffic too, and their injuries are often serious, even life-threatening. By the time they recover from those injuries and discover their rights, it is often too late. If the statute of limitations has not expired, the evidence is difficult, if not impossible to find.

The best way to avoid such situations is to contact a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. At Hammers Law Firm, many of our clients call us right from the accident scene. Our accident and injury attorneys rush to assist them and gather all the necessary evidence and information. This way, they have everything they need when the time comes to file the compensation claim.

Burn Injuries

When fires occur following accidents, negligence, or wrongdoings, their consequences are often devastating. Burn injuries are painful, difficult, and expensive to treat and heal. They often result in unsightly scars or even disfigurement. The compensation the law entitles them to is just a small consolation for burn injury victims. Unfortunately, even this compensation is difficult to obtain.

Who can identify with burn injury victims more than a burn injury lawyer who has tried a multitude of burn injury cases? They know the nightmare burn injury victims live. They fight to obtain the highest compensations available for their clients. This way, the latter may have access to prohibitively expensive treatments. Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and skin and hair implants can be their ticket for a new life.

Proving Negligence in Personal Injury Claims

Negligence is the legal theory that serves as the foundation of many personal injury claims. According to this theory, you must provide evidence of each element to prove that another party was negligent in causing the accident at issue. Negligence consists of four required components, including the following:

  • Existence of a legal duty to avoid harming others
  • Behavior that breaches the legal duty of care
  • The violation of the legal duty leads to injuries to others
  • The injured parties suffer damages as a result of their injuries

The standard of care by which negligence is measured can vary based on the circumstances of each case and how a reasonable person would act in the same or similar situation. For instance, a doctor would owe a duty of care based on the standards of his medical specialty in a similar scenario. A personal injury attorney can also be vital to establishing the duty owed to a specific case and how the actor failed to meet those standards reasonably.

In some cases, you may bear some fault for an accident that injures them. Under O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33, if your percentage of responsibility for an accident is less than 50 percent, you may still pursue other negligent parties for damages. However, you will only be able to seek a reduced amount of damages directly proportional to the percentage of fault attributable to other parties for causing the accident.

Personal Injury Cases and the Statute of Limitation

All lawsuits are subject to a statute of limitations under state law, or a deadline to file a lawsuit in court. Under O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, you have no more than two years from the date of their accidents to file their personal injury claims in court. Failure to follow the statute of limitations can result in the court dismissing their claims, leaving them with no other means of recourse.

Although state law may provide for some exceptions to this general rule, you should be mindful of this deadline. As a result, seeking legal advice right away can be crucial to your ability to maintain a successful personal injury claim.

Call a Smyrna Personal Injury Attorney for Advice

Working with a Smyrna personal injury lawyer can be the most effective way of ensuring that you get compensation for your losses after an accident. The personal injury claims process can help you with financial support while you recover from your injuries.

While you work toward recovery from your injuries, your legal counsel can focus on your claim for compensation. Obtaining damages to compensate you for your losses can be vital to your ability to move forward with your life.