Sandy Springs Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites can be terrifying. They often lead to disfigurement, emotional trauma, and some are even fatal. The devastation is made worse knowing someone else did not follow the law about controlling their animals.

Georgia enacted the Responsible Dog Ownership Law in 2012, and Sandy Springs has ordinances on the city books to educate pet owners about dangerous or vicious dogs. If someone else’s dog attacked you or a loved one, an injury attorney could explain your right to compensation. Our Sandy Springs dog bite lawyers can also help you hold the accountable parties responsible for the harm you sustained.

City Ordinances Address Dangerous and Vicious Dogs

State law defines a dangerous dog as one that bites a party but only causes minor injury. On the other hand, a vicious dog’s bite causes devastating harm to the victim.

Sandy Springs Code of Ordinances § 10-101 states the precautions an owner whose dog is vicious, dangerous, or potentially dangerous must take to ensure the safety of others. If the owner fails to do so and the dog bites someone, the owner may have to compensate the injured person for the damage done.

If the pet owner knows the animal is dangerous or vicious, they cannot let it run free or even loose on the owner’s property if it endangers others at the time. For instance, an owner should restrain a vicious dog during a child’s birthday party.

If a dog’s owner was negligent and the animal bit you or a loved one, an attorney in Sandy Springs could help you determine your legal options for recovery.

Injured Party Cannot Provoke the Biting Dog

Pet owners are not always held liable when a dog attacks someone. For instance, if the injured party provoked the canine, leading to the attack, they generally cannot sue for damages. Dogs can also bite without repercussion if they are working with a police officer or when their owners are attacked, such as in a home invasion. Further, the animals can legally bite trespassers and others on the property committing illegal acts, such as burglars.

Steps to Take Before Filing a Negligence Lawsuit

State law requires individuals to report dog attacks to Animal Control so the dog can be formally classified as dangerous or vicious. Your reporting this helps prevent future attacks once the dog is a known offender. A dedicated lawyer could further explain this canine attack classification and how it can be used as evidence in a Sandy Springs lawsuit.

In addition to reporting the animal, you should immediately seek medical care for a dog bite and take pictures as further documentation. If anyone witnessed the dog attack, get their contact information for future reference, as well. Finally, if you filed a police report, your local attorney could use that information as pertinent evidence for your claim.

Contact a Sandy Springs Dog Bite Attorney for Help with Your Case

Dog attacks are often physically and emotionally devastating, and if you suffer from one, the person who was not in control of their animal should compensate you. Our team can explain how your case fits within state ordinances and help you fight for a favorable outcome.

Contact a Sandy Springs dog bite lawyer today to discuss your case and what steps to take next. We are waiting for your call.