Sandy Springs Product Liability Lawyer

We expect the products that we use in our everyday lives to be safe and, for the most part, they are. The United States has strict safety standards for consumer products. Unfortunately, sometimes products that fail to live up to those safety standards can cause serious harm to consumers.

If you sustained severe injuries after using a defective or dangerous product, you might be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries from the designer, manufacturer, or seller of that product with the help of a personal injury attorney. An experienced Sandy Springs product liability lawyer could help you seek the recovery that you deserve in a personal injury lawsuit.

Common Defective Products in Sandy Springs

If you sustain an injury while using a product according to its directions or in a way that another reasonable person would use it, you could bring a product liability lawsuit. Although any type of product could be deemed defective or dangerous, most frequently, the following types of products lead to suits in the Sandy Springs area:

  • Defective car parts: Frequently, cars are subject to safety recalls, often following devastating accidents caused by defective car parts.
  • Children’s products, such as toys with small parts that are choking hazards or flammable sleepwear
  • Over the counter and prescription medication that causes more harm than good
  • Defective medical devices, such as faulty pacemakers that fail to operate
  • Faulty household appliances, such as a toaster that spontaneously bursts into flame
  • Defective machinery: If a piece of machinery fails to operate as it should at a construction site, serious injuries could occur to the operator of that machinery.
  • Products that contain toxic chemicals, such as jewelry or makeup with lead
  • Tainted food, such as lettuce contaminated by listeria

Local Sandy Springs defective product lawyers have had extensive experience working with various types of faulty products. They know how to examine the product in question, and they would work with expert witnesses, if necessary, to prove how the product was dangerous or defective.

How Could a Product be Defective?

Products need to be reasonably safe for consumer use. Defects can occur at any stage of the product’s production. Frequently, dangerous product claims involve design, manufacturing, or marketing defects.

Design Defects

Sometimes, products are inherently defective because of problems at the design phase. The original design of the product has a flaw that makes the product dangerous. When products have unsafe designs, all of the same type of products would have the same defect.

Manufacturing Defects

With manufacturing defects, the product’s original design is safe, but during production, an error occurred, which caused the finished product to deviate from its original, safe design. Manufacturers are supposed to use safe materials and building practices, and they are required to subject their products to stringent testing before releasing them to consumers to avoid such errors.

Marketing Defects

Not all risk can be removed from every product. If manufacturers know that their product has a hidden danger, they need to warn consumers of that known danger by including a warning on its packaging or operating instructions. Manufacturers also need to include clear directions on how to properly operate the product.

Local product liability attorneys understand how to search for design, manufacturing, and marketing defects. They would review the company’s testing protocol to see if it complied with federal and state laws. They would also closely examine the directions to see if a reasonable person could have used the product in the same manner as the injured claimant.

Reach Out to a Sandy Springs Product Liability Attorney

Litigation involving defective products can be intimidating, particularly if it involves going up against large manufacturing companies. Fortunately, a seasoned Sandy Springs product liability lawyer has the experience necessary to stand up for your rights against those large companies. Our team of lawyers would fight to help you get what you deserve. Contact us today.