Sandy Springs Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries are those that have the potential to produce permanent impairments that impact all aspects of life. These injuries tend to be permanent, and they also tend to be costly and require ongoing care. The mental toll and physical pain that arises from these injuries can also be far more severe than those in minor injury cases. As a result, catastrophic injuries can make it even more essential to consult a personal injury lawyer for advice.

When you or a loved one has sustained this type of injury, you likely will need the advice and guidance that only a Sandy Springs catastrophic injury lawyer can offer. It is imperative to act quickly following a devastating injury so an experienced attorney can preserve critical evidence before the at-fault party has time to get a strategic advantage in the case.  Call a knowledgeable attorney today to learn more about your eligibility for compensation and what actions need to be taken to protect your claims.

What Are the Common Types of Sandy Springs Catastrophic Injuries?

Some catastrophic injuries are evident to everyone, as they impact physical functioning or movement. These injuries include spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and other injuries that substantially affect mobility. If you suffer such an injury, you may be required to use assistive devices, such as braces, canes, and wheelchairs.

Other catastrophic injuries are not so visible. For instance, a traumatic brain injury may significantly affect speech and cognitive functioning, but the level of impairment may not be immediately noticeable. Likewise, severe internal injuries may cause damage that is not always externally visible.

Catastrophic injuries also might include the loss of limbs or bodily functions, third-degree burns, and multiple broken bones. Herniated disks or breaks to the back also can result in prolonged catastrophic injuries. Whenever individuals suffer these extreme injuries, they may benefit from contacting a well-practiced Sandy Springs catastrophic injury attorney for advice.

How Do Catastrophic Injuries Occur?

Unfortunately, many catastrophic injuries are wholly preventable. These injuries occur as a direct result of the negligent, reckless, or intentionally damaging behavior of others. Individuals or businesses who cause these injuries through their actions may face liability for the costs of those injuries.

Some common examples of accidents caused by others that could result in catastrophic injuries include:

Physical attacks by others, gun accidents, and fires also can lead to catastrophic injuries. If the person or entity that caused your accident acted in an unreasonably careless manner, given the circumstances, they could be held accountable for the damages that they create.

Following the Statute of Limitations in Catastrophic Injury Claims

O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33 sets strict time limits on the ability of plaintiffs who suffered catastrophic harm to file claims related to their losses. No matter how negligent other parties may be in causing injuries to others, they cannot be held accountable if you do not follow the statute of limitations. As a result, you must file their claims in court within two years of their accidents to preserve their right to compensation.

While the law does provide for a few exceptions, you should assume that you have a limited time to pursue your claim. As a result, you may wish to contact a proactive catastrophic injury lawyer in Sandy Springs well in advance of any applicable statute of limitations. Otherwise, you risk losing out on the chance to hold negligent parties responsible for their actions and collect much-needed compensation.

Work With a Sandy Springs Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims that involve catastrophic injuries have far more at stake than regular personal injury claims. You are likely to need the assistance of an experienced Sandy Springs catastrophic injury lawyer to present your case in a way that makes maximum compensation for your losses more likely. Working with legal counsel is likely to be the most successful way to achieve those objectives.

Even in the shadow of a catastrophic accident, you and your family still can have hope. By getting proper compensation that allows you to support yourself and your family and get the medical care that you need, you may be able to overcome some of your limitations and embark upon a new life. Contact us right away for help with your case.