Sandy Springs Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The brain is the epicenter of the human body, controlling everything from walking to understanding to expressing emotions. When an injury to the brain occurs, the effects can be significant and often impact more than one bodily function. Although a traumatic brain injury may not result in any outward signs of disability, the effects of this type of injury can be devastating on your ability to perform daily tasks, work, and care for yourself. You may lose much of your independence, and family members may have to care for you.

A Sandy Springs traumatic brain injury lawyer might be able to help you if negligence has led to an accident that causes you substantial injuries. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney can help you seek compensation related to your losses, which may leave you and your family in a better financial position to handle your impairments.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sandy Springs

Traumatic brain injuries go well beyond minor head injuries. When a blow to the head from a car accident, fall, or other incident damages or changes brain functionality, multiple impairments may result. Depending on the severity of the trauma to the brain, you can experience mild and temporary changes in brain functions or may sustain massive damage that ultimately becomes fatal.

Some traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, may surface immediately following an accident, such as loss of consciousness. However, other TBI symptoms may not arise until hours or days after an accident. These symptoms often include:

  • Dizziness
  • Memory problems and confusion
  • Headaches
  • Depression and mood swings

Some traumatic brain injuries heal, but others cause permanent impairments that no amount of rehabilitation can cure. TBIs may prevent you from returning to your regular life, both personally and professionally. Depending on the severity of the resulting impairment from traumatic brain injuries, you may require indefinite long-term care. A dedicated TBI lawyer in Sandy Springs could help you recover comprehensive compensation for the full extent of your injuries.

What Is the Main Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Although not all traumatic brain injuries result from the misconduct or negligent behavior of other people, many are attributable to the careless actions of others. For instance, motor vehicle accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries to other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Slips and falls also may cause TBIs, as well as workplace accidents and different situations that involve significant blows to the head.

Whenever a person or entity has a legal duty to act in a reasonably safe manner, any violation of this duty can lead to liability for injuries that occur. For example, all drivers owe a duty to others to drive safely for the protection of others. Any behaviors that fall below the level of reasonable care that others would exercise under similar circumstances can constitute negligence.

Some common instances of negligence that can lead to a car accident might include speeding, driving recklessly, and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If the actions of drivers lead to accidents that, in turn, cause injuries to others, those drivers may be responsible for the costs of the harm that they have caused. An experienced Sandy Springs traumatic brain injury attorney may be able to assist you with seeking compensation from negligent parties whose actions injured them.

What are the Recoverable Damages in Sandy Springs Traumatic Brain Injury Cases?

Traumatic brain injuries are often a source of lengthy hospital stays, long-term rehabilitation programs, and ongoing medical care. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may never be able to return to work or care for themselves as they did in the past. Between medical bills, lost income, and the need for personal care, the costs of a TBI can be astronomical.

Your family could also experience significant hardship from TBIs. If they previously were dependent on you for financial support, they may have lost their primary household income. Likewise, the loss of quality of life can lead to significant alterations to the lives of families.

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Severe TBIs can have undeniably tragic consequences and result in significant life changes, whether personally or professionally. These losses can be immeasurable. In this situation, consulting a Sandy Springs traumatic brain injury lawyer may be useful to you.

While traumatic brain injuries often have catastrophic consequences, you still may be able to hold those who caused your injuries accountable for their actions. You also may be able to obtain some measure of financial stability during this challenging time in your life. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.