Marietta Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber is one of the most used taxi services in the world and by far one of the safest. When you request a car, it is very unlikely that you will think about getting into an accident. Unfortunately, this is something that happens in Marietta, GA since accidents do not choose which vehicles to affect. If you are a passenger in an Uber and it is involved in an accident, ensure your safety first. Then contact a Uber Accident Lawyer when you get a chance.

If you are not injured, it is quite easy to handle everything that follows. However, if you are injured or some of your property is damaged, you should seek compensation. You will be dealing with the company and driver as two separate entities. As a result, it may get a bit complicated to know which insurance company will carry the claim.

Uber has some policies that are meant to help in such situations. It is usually pretty clear who is to pay for what. However, some complications may arise, making it difficult to deal with the issue. That is why you should hire an Uber accident attorney to help you out. Your auto accident attorneys need to have experience dealing with Uber accidents, injuries, and property damage. He also must have a good understanding of their policies and the different variations that exist.

Uber Accident Policies and Why It Is Important to Have an Uber Accident Lawyer

You first need to understand that Marietta, GA Uber drivers are not employees of the company. They are simply contractors. That means that the company is not always liable for damages. However, it is possible to get compensation directly from the company in some cases.

Uber has $1 million in liability coverage. If you are injured in an Uber car accident; you can be covered up to that amount. However, you are not eligible for this coverage in all situations. The cover only applies when the Uber driver or the other liable driver does not have enough injury coverage. That means that you are at risk of not being fully compensated. If this is the case, then it is possible to get damages from Uber. However, if the Uber driver has adequate bodily injury liability coverage, you can file a claim with his insurance provider. Also, if the other driver is liable and has sufficient coverage, then your claim will be with his insurer.

You can also get the $1 million coverage if the accident involves an uninsured or underinsured driver. It also applies when it is a hit and run accident. However, for you to get compensation from the company, the driver must have connected to you through the app. The meter on the app also has to be running for your claim to be valid. If it is not, then you will have to file the claim with the driver’s insurance company.

It is possible to sue Uber for severe injuries and loss of property but the process is a bit complicated. You need to prove that Uber was somehow directly liable for your accident. This can be done if you can prove that the company knowingly contracted someone who has several DUIs. You could also prove that the company contracted someone with a criminal record or other violations.

Proving that the company had knowledge of this information is not easy. However, experienced Uber accident lawyers will know exactly how to bring it to light. You need an Uber accident lawyer since the situation with ride-sharing companies is a bit complex. An Uber accident lawyer will also be in the best position to advise on whether your case has merit. Sometimes your case may be weak and you would end up losing rather than gaining. Your Uber accident lawyers may suggest that suing the Uber driver or the other driver might be a better option. All in all, a skilled Uber accident lawyer is a great asset. They will save you a lot of time and help you get compensation.

What You Need to Do Following an Uber Accident and Why You Should Contact an Uber Accident Attorney

Uber passengers who get into an accident need to do a number of things. These steps ensure that you are protected. If you seek compensation, you will have evidence to prove your claim. Uber accident lawyers advise that you:

  • Call 911. The first thing to do in any accident is to call the police to the scene. Ensure that you are at a safe place to do this and dial the number. Give as many details as you can so that the response team can know what to expect. This is also so that they can alert the medics if anyone is injured in the accident.
  • Take photographs. If you have suffered any loss, you will need to get compensated. For this, you have to determine who was liable and pictures are of great help. Take clear photos of the scene from different angles and save them. Do not share the images unless it is with your legal team since this may negatively affect your claim. It is important to take screenshots of your ride on the app and your receipt as that information is useful.
  • Get the contact details. Write down the name of the Uber driver, the other driver, and eyewitnesses. Ensure that you get their insurance information as well so that you know to whom you will submit the claim. Witnesses are essential as they will give additional information that will benefit you in a lawsuit or insurance claim.
  • Contact your accident attorney. An Uber accident lawyer will advise you on what you need to do and what to say to whom. He will also want to get on top of the case and get everything needed when making a claim. With information about the accident, he will also be in a position to come up with a plan for you.
  • Give your statement. The police will have a few questions for you. Ensure that you are honest about what happened but do not give more information than is necessary. Be clear in what you say so as to make it easier for the police to determine the liable party. Talk about your injuries and damaged property, if any.
  • Get medical attention. If you are injured, ensure that you get treated. If you are going to make a medical bills claim, you must have actual bills and a medical report.

The Process of Getting Compensation after an Uber Accident in Marietta

After the accident, the process of getting compensation for injuries and property damage begins. While you may choose to do this on your own, it is best to have an Uber accident lawyer. In dealing with this type of case, an experienced lawyer knows exactly what is needed. He can also advise you on the various options that are available to you.

Once you have all the evidence and the police report, it is easy to know where to submit the claim. If the Uber driver was at fault, your Uber accident lawyers will get in touch with his insurance provider. If you discover that he doesn’t have adequate bodily injury liability cover, then the claim will go to Uber.

Negotiations start by receiving an offer from the insurance company. Depending on your losses and advice from your Uber accident lawyer, you can accept or reject. The first offer is hardly ever good enough, so it is likely that you will reject it. You really need a great Marietta, GA Uber accident lawyer with you during negotiations. He will be in the best position to present all the evidence and reports to prove that you deserve more.

If the out of court settlement doesn’t go on well, you have the option of seeking the court’s intervention. Many insurance companies don’t like to go to court since they will end up parting with more money. As a result, the mention of court may motivate them to give you a better offer.

If you go to court and the case runs to completion you may be awarded the following damages:

  • Economic damages that cover any hospital bills, damage to your property and any future bills that you may incur.
  • Non-economic damages for any psychological trauma that you may have due to the accident. You may also be compensated for life-changing injuries which cause loss of enjoyment or companionship.
  • Wrongful death benefits. If a loved one perished, you can sue the company, the Uber driver or the other driver. Your attorney will advise you on who is to blame in this case.
  • Punitive damages. These are awarded as a way of punishing the liable driver. Depending on the level of neglect or recklessness, you could get this type of compensation.

In many Uber accidents, your attorney will likely deal with the Uber driver or the other motorist’s insurance company. It is quite difficult to directly link the company to the accident. As a result, your Uber accident lawyer will advise that you do not go after the company. The case may end up being too long considering the large legal divisions that the company has. Therefore, unless the case is very serious, this is not an option you may want to take.

However, you may have sufficient evidence against the company to allow you to sue them. Your Uber accident lawyers could show that the company was reckless or negligent in contracting the driver. In such a case, this may be enough grounds for you to file a lawsuit against Uber.

Qualities to Look for When Hiring Uber Accident Lawyers

Given the sensitivity and complexity of a case involving an Uber driver, you need an excellent Marietta accident lawyer. Some of the qualities to look for before hiring include:

Experience in the Area

Lawyers that haven’t handled any cases involving ride-sharing companies may not be perfect for you. This is because they need to have information about how such companies handle accident claims. They also need to have a good understanding of your options so they can advise on the best route. Therefore, you require an experienced Uber accident lawyer who knows exactly what he is doing. That way, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Access to Information

Your accident lawyer needs access to resources that he can use for your case. Resources can be in form of investigators who can help in finding details that the police may have missed. They can also be professionals who may have useful input in your case and who can help you to win. You won’t be able to secure these experts on your own.

Willingness to Help

You need Uber accident attorneys who will treat your case with the seriousness that it deserves. They should be ready to go the extra mile to win the case and get you compensation. This means that they should aim to get a figure as close as possible to what you wanted during negotiations. If the negotiations fail, they should be willing to go to court to fight for you.

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