Mableton Paragard Injury Lawyer

The Paragard intrauterine device (IUD) is one of the most popular forms of non-hormonal birth control for Georgia residents and Americans all over the country, largely because it does not cause many of the effects associated with birth control medications. However, a number of recent cases have shown that there are risks associated with use of the Paragard device too. Unfortunately, these risks have had painful and debilitating repercussions for far too many users.

A Mableton Paragard injury lawyer could be an important ally to have on your side if you want to pursue civil litigation over injuries caused by a defective Paragard IUD. Support from a knowledgeable product liability attorney could be key to building a comprehensive and compelling case, but also to overcoming the extensive opposition you will likely face from the corporation responsible for making these devices.

What Could Justify a Paragard Injury Lawsuit?

Importantly, not every negative health effect from a medical product or device necessarily serves as grounds for civil litigation. The basis of most successful product liability claims is an unreasonably dangerous defect in the product’s design, manufacturing, or marketing. This means that the harm caused by the Paragard IUD’s disclosed side effects—such as bleeding between periods, discomfort during intercourse, pelvic inflammatory disease, and vaginal discharge—likely would not justify litigation.

Conversely, many Paragard users have experienced injuries due to the device dislodging after installation, then perforating uterine tissue either due to the displacement or after breaking apart during surgery to remove it after displacement. Whether this stems from a fault in how the product was designed or from a failure by its manufacturers to notify consumers of this particular risk, anyone injured in this way could potentially have grounds for a case. A Mableton Paragard injury attorney could discuss the filing options with you in detail during an initial consultation.

How a Paragard Injury Claim Works in Practice

Through a successful claim, you could demand financial restitution for the full value of all damages you have sustained, and will continue to sustain, because of your defective Paragard injuries. These damages can have objective financial values quantified through hospital bills or receipts, or subjective values based on your experiences. In legal terms, these damages are considered to be “economic” and “non-economic.”

Specific recoverable damages that a skilled lawyer could potentially factor into a Paragard injury claim in Mableton include:

  • Expenses for necessary medical treatment
  • Lost work income
  • Physical pain from injuries and medical procedures
  • Emotional/psychological anguish
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Other effects of permanent disfigurement or disability

As per Official Code of Georgia § 9-3-33, you have up to two years after getting hurt or discovering your injury to begin any litigation you intend to pursue. Additionally, a 10-year statute of repose—beginning on the date the product was first purchased and/or used—may apply to product liability claims based on defects other than a manufacturer’s failure to warn.

Learn How a Mableton Paragard Injury Attorney Could Help

Even if you have extensive evidence showing that someone else’s misconduct was directly responsible for the injuries and subsequent losses you are seeking compensation for, achieving a positive outcome from a civil claim can be a time-consuming process. This is even more so the case when filing suit against a massive corporation that makes pharmaceutical products and/or medical devices.

Representation from a Mableton Paragard injury lawyer who has handled similar cases successfully in the past could be essential to achieving a positive resolution to yours. Call today to schedule a meeting.