Sandy Springs Child Injury Lawyer

An injured child is every parent’s worst fear. Children notoriously explore dangerous places, and because they are small, any injury can be more severe than it would be for an adult.

While you may be cautious as a parent, sometimes others are responsible for your child’s accidents and subsequent injuries. If your child was harmed because of someone else’s negligence, an experienced injury attorney could advise you of your legal options and the compensation you might be entitled to. A Sandy Springs child injury lawyer understands your situation and could offer compassionate guidance during this trying time.

The Risk of Injury Before and During Birth

The earliest form of child injury can happen prior to and at birth when the medical team monitoring and delivering the baby fails to keep you both safe. Some common forms of this medical negligence include:

  • Improper prenatal monitoring, testing, or care
  • Failure to perform a Caesarian in time for a baby in fetal distress
  • Ignoring hypoxia (lack of enough oxygen) that can cause mental and physical challenges
  • Improper use of forceps

If medical personnel made mistakes and caused your infant child’s injuries, an attorney in Sandy Springs could seek compensation for your family’s trauma.

Negligence Comes in Many Forms

Negligence occurs when people responsible for those around them commit careless acts, which leads to injury. In these cases, injured parties must prove the defendant was negligent to win damages settlements.

However, because adults are tasked with keeping children safe, almost anything they do can devolve into negligence. For example, if an individual transports a child in a seatbelt instead of in a car seat and gets into an accident, the driver could be liable. Failing to keep toxic cleaning fluids away from toddlers could also be a negligent act.

A knowledgeable lawyer in Sandy Springs could study the facts of your child’s injury case to determine the extent of the injuries, who was at fault, and how much compensation you will need to pay for your child’s medical care. If the injuries have permanent consequences on your child’s health, a legal representative could also fight for enough compensation to see that your child gets a lifetime of care.

Does the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine Apply in Sandy Springs?

Generally, landowners and managers do not owe a duty to keep their premises safe for trespassers. However, these individuals are responsible for securing attractive nuisances, which are areas where a child might be intrigued to visit.

Under Georgia’s Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, property owners with items such as swimming pools or a trampoline must take precautions to protect children. If these owners fail to do so and your child is injured, a local lawyer could help you fight to hold them accountable.

A Sandy Springs Child Injury Attorney Can Help You Seek Justice

Danger lurks everywhere, but children are among the most vulnerable to injuries from accidents. If someone else’s negligence causes an accident, you may be entitled to the monetary damages you will need to care for your injured child.

Call a Sandy Springs child injury lawyer today if your child was injured due to medical carelessness, someone else’s reckless act, or on someone else’s property. We can seek justice for your children.