Young and Promising Attorney Killed in Atlanta Car Wreck

Usually, when someone is injured or killed in a car accident, the cops are able to identify them at the scene. They notify the next of kin and, if they need treatment, they transport them to the local hospital. Sadly, there are times when a person’s injuries are so bad, the cops aren’t able to identify them right away. This was the case in Atlanta this past weekend.

Demetrice Allen, an attorney from Orlando, Florida, had just moved to Atlanta to interview for lawyer jobs. He was staying with his Godmother, Daphne Handley, in West Atlanta. He left to go out with friends on December 7. They were going to meet for dinner and drinks at a bar in the East Atlanta Village.

Just before midnight, Allen left and said he was going to grab some food and head home. His friends texted him later that night but he didn’t answer. It wasn’t until the next day, when he still hadn’t come home, that his Godmother reported him missing.

The police realized that a man meeting his description had been brought to a local hospital after a crash early Friday morning. The man had been severely injured in a multi-vehicle crash but seemed alert and oriented. His injuries were so bad that the cops didn’t identify him at the scene.

The man, who ended up being Demetrice Allen, was taken to the hospital. Sadly, he died from his injuries the next day. The police saw the missing persons’ report and put two and two together. The person who died in that crash was indeed the young attorney who had been reported missing.

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