Tractor Trailer Driver Injured When Drunk Driver Takes Down Power Lines in Richmond County

When someone decides to drink and drive, they take both their own lives and the lives of innocent people into their hands. Even if a drunk driver doesn’t actually crash into another car, that doesn’t mean people won’t get hurt. This surely was the case this week in Marinez, Georgia.

The police responded to what they thought would be a one-car accident on Washington Road. The crash took place not far from Riverwatch Parkway. A man driving a Nissan Rogue ended up crashing his car into a utility pole. Not only did this knock out power for a lot of the locals, but it also caused the power lines to fall. The police didn’t notice this at first.

Shortly after this first crash, a tractor trailer driver was traveling down the same road. With the power lines hanging so low, the driver became entangled. This caused him to crash into another utility pole. In all, at least 5 utility poles became dislodged.

More than 250 people were without power due to the crash. It took hours for them to restore power. It also caused the local police to close down Washington Road for hours.

In their investigation, the police found that the man driving the Nissan Rogue – Anthony Perez – was drunk at the time of the crash. He has been charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving and driving without proof of insurance.

This could be bad news for the driver of the tractor trailer. Normally, he would be able to pursue the other driver’s insurance for his injuries. In this case, there may be no insurance to pursue.

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