Speeding Vehicle Crashes Through Security Gate at Robins Air Force Base, Killing 3

You would think the last place someone would speeding vehicle crash through a security gate would be at Robins Air Force Base. Apparently not, as proven this weekend at Robins Air Force Base in Houston County, Georgia.

A man was driving his vehicle on Russell Parkway Friday night when he refused to stop at the gate. After proceeding through the gate, he approached the security gate at Robins Air Force Base. When the guards saw the speeding vehicle approaching, they pressed the button to lower the security barrier.

The driver continued speeding right through the barrier. The driver and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. Sadly, a third man working the security gate was rushed to Houston Medical Center. He later died from his injuries.

Authorities have confirmed that none of the men injured or killed in the crash were affiliated with the Air Force Base. The names of the victims have not been released.

There is no information on why the man in the vehicle was speeding, or why he refused to stop at the first gate. Nor is there any indication as to why he would barrel through the security barrier at the Robins Air Force Base.

Usually, in cases like this, there is drugs or alcohol involved. Or, you usually find out that the driver was alluding the police. Nothing like that has been mentioned here. However, as more details are released, we may see that one of these were the cause of the crash.

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