Private Plane Crashes into Atlanta Townhouse- Kills Both Men on Board

Private plane crashes into Atlanta townhouse. It’s not often that you hear about a plane crashing into a house but that’s exactly what happened this week in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Two men from North Carolina had just taken off from DeKalb-Peachtree airport when their plane crashed into a unit of townhomes outside Atlanta.

Thankfully, nobody was home when the plane hit. However, the house is destroyed and there is structural damage to other units. Sadly, the two men aboard the plane died and were pronounced dead at the scene.

The person flying the plane was a commercial pilot named Leslie Csanyi. He is from Salisbury, North Carolina and was headed home when his plane crashed into the townhouse complex. He was the CEO of a company called LGC consulting in North Carolina. His passenger, 60-year old Scott Lowrie died as well. He was also from Salisbury.

The investigation is still ongoing as to what could’ve caused the crash. There is no report that any distress calls were made to air traffic controllers. Nor is there any indication of whether or not the private plane had a black box in it at the time of the crash.

In cases like this, there could be all sorts of personal injury claims. The passenger, Scott Lowrie’s family may have a wrongful death claim against Csanyi and his company. Likewise, if there was any sort of defect with the plane or a mechanical issue, Csanyi’s family may also have a claim against the manufacturer of the plane.

The person who owns the property that was destroyed in the crash may also have a claim against Csanyi’s estate. The accident was probably his fault and the property owners shouldn’t be left holding the bag, as cold as that may seem.

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