Officials Working Hard to Reduce Accidents on River Road

Officials working hard to reduce accidents on river road after an accident killed two and left many injured when two vehicles crashed. The road is typically busy as it leads to one of the highlights of the city, the nuclear power plant. Dozens of workers use the road to communicate to and from work every day, which is why road accidents are surprisingly common here.

According to those aware of the situation, drivers often go over 80mph on the road, driving blindlessly. Officials agree that high speed is one of the major reasons why road accidents are so common here.

Plus, there’s no major police presence on the road, which gives drivers a free pass. Experts believe that precautions can help reduce accidents and make the road safer for everyone involved.

The authorities have been working to keep the situation under control. They issued 294 warnings and citations on the road this year, yet the situation hasn’t improved.

Georgia Power is working with authorities to improve the situation by teaching employees how to remain safe on the road.

Facts About the Road

About 8,000 employees use the two-lane road every day. A total of 26 road accidents have been reported on the road in 2019. The authorities have added signs to warn drivers about the risk of speeding. The efforts appear to have paid off as the average speed fell from 80 mph in 2017 to 65 mph in 2019.

Employees blame fatigue and long shifts for a lack of concentration on the road. Officials believe they need to come up with a more reliable solution to this problem.

Some also believe that suing those involved in road accidents can help reduce the number of crashes as the risk of being prosecuted can force people to be more careful when driving.

If you or someone close to you has been involved in a road accident then it’s important that you know your rights, contact us for help today.