Mother and 4-Year Old Son Killed in Tractor Trailer Crash

An Atlanta woman and her son were killed in a tractor trailer crash in Atlanta this past week. 39-year old Alisha Young was supposed to be on her way to Orlando, Florida. Her family said she was moving there and had been traveling with her two young children.

Young was in her minivan, traveling in the Northbound lanes of Interstate-75 in Houston County. Her family said they had no idea why she’d be traveling in the Northbound lanes because she should’ve been going in the opposite direction. They estimated that perhaps she was lost or confused. This could explain why Young was reported as driving really slow in the right lanes of the interstate.

While in the right lane, a semi-truck approached Young’s minivan from behind. He was driving closer to the speed limit and swerved to avoid hitting the back of Young’s vehicle. However, shortly thereafter, a larger tractor trailer did end up hitting the back of her van. This caused the car to spin multiple times and ended up crashing.

When the police responded to the crash, they found that Young and her 4-year old son, Malakai Young had not survived the crash. There was another child in the backseat – Kayden Young – who was injured and was airlifted to a local Macon hospital. There has been no update on his condition.

The police have not released the names of the other driver involved in the crash or the company he works for. They also didn’t provide any information on whether or not they were injured.

Depending on the investigation, the family of Alisha Young may have a possible wrongful death claim against the other driver. However, there is no indication yet as to who may have been at fault in this tragic accident.

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