Gwinnett County Magistrate Judge Killed in Hit and Run Accident in Buford Georgia

There’s never any good reason to leave the scene of an accident. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared or nervous. Even if you’re afraid of getting a ticket, you need to stick around and wait for the cops to arrive at the scene. If you don’t, you’ll probably be charged with a crime and held liable for fleeing the scene. This may end up being the case in Gwinnett County after an accident victim succumbed to her injuries this week.

Gwinnett County Magistrate Judge Emily Powell was the victim of a hit and run back on December 20, 2019. She was trying to cross the street at a busy intersection when an unidentified vehicle hit her. The car took off and didn’t call the police to report the accident.

Powell had been in the hospital for the last two weeks. Her family had hoped she would overcome her injuries. Sadly, this beloved county judge died this week. On Tuesday, Judge Powell succumbed to her injuries and passed away. There was no comment from her family regarding the person who killed her or the current investigation.

The police say they are still investigating the accident. There was no make and model of the car given that hit Judge Powell. No charges have been filed as of yet. However, once the police learn the identity of the person who hit the judge, surely this will change.

The family of Judge Powell will have a potential wrongful death claim against the driver of the car that hit her. However, to do that, they need to identify the driver and find out exactly what happened on December 20.

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