Famous YouTuber, Scuba Jake, Injured in Mysterious Accident

Jake Koehler is a famous YouTuber from Columbus, Georgia. He started his YouTube channel back in 2011. He now has over 10 million subscribers. He fancies himself a scuba fanatic and a treasure hunter. He is always posting videos of crazy stunts on social media. This week, he released a video of a different sort.

Scuba Jake, as he is known, released a heartfelt and personal video letting his fans know about his accident. While the social influencer won’t say exactly what happened, we do know that he was seriously hurt. He said that he was in a hospital in Orlando, Florida and was waiting to be transferred to another hospital so he could get a second surgery.

In whatever accident Koehler suffered, he did suffer some pretty serious injuries. He had a broken shoulder, torn muscles and tendons and had to get 13 screws in his arm. He also had a metal plate inserted into his arm. And he’s not out of the woods yet. While he is expected to make a full recovery, he needs at least one more surgery. And he’ll have to undergo a good deal of physical therapy after that. In his video, he is openly crying and said he’s in the worst pain he’s ever experienced. He also apologized to his fans when he announced for them to not expect any videos anytime soon.

Many are speculating about what kind of accident Scuba Jake was in. Given his history, it would seem to be a scuba diving accident but these aren’t the kind of injuries one would normally experience in that sort of thing. It could have been a car accident. However, Koehler isn’t speaking and no other details have been released.

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