Driver Nearly Dies in Crash Involving Semi-Truck in Norcross, Georgia

We’ve all seen this kind of crash in the movies. A tractor trailer is speeding down the highway and crashes into a gas station. The truck inches toward the gas pumps and stops just in time – hopefully – before the pumps explode into flames. This is what happened last week in Norcross, Georgia.

Andreal Meadows was driving a tractor trailer for BSM Logistics. He was speeding down Jimmy Carter Boulevard near Brook Hollow Parkway. He was going too fast and wasn’t able to stop at a approaching red light. He actually hit two cars at the intersection. Then, his rig spun out of control and he ended up crashing into a local gas station at the QuikTrip.

While in the gas station parking lot, Meadows somehow managed to avoid hitting the gas pumps. But he did end up hitting 8 other cars. He was going so fast when he entered the parking lot, he actually hit a man driving his personal vehicle.

The victim, Robert Lassiter, is 42-years old. The authorities had to extract him as he was trapped in his vehicle. This isn’t surprising given the fact that the victim is 6’8’! His family said that they’re just thankful he survived the crash.

The victim was in charge of caring for his elderly mother with Parkinson’s disease. Now, he won’t be able to do this because of his injuries. He suffered injuries to his back, knee, ribs and spleen. He may very well have a claim against the truck driver. The question is whether his employer will cover the damages as he wasn’t even supposed to be driving at the time of the crash.

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