Driver Flees Scene of Deadly Crash in Clayton County, Georgia

On Tuesday, at about 3 pm, police responded to a terrible crash in Clayton County, Georgia. It happened on Interstate-675, near GA Highway 42. It was during rush hour traffic when the victim’s sedan and a pickup truck ended up entangled and run off the road.

Witnesses said that the truck and sedan got tangled up on the highway and both cars were forced off the right side of the road. The cars tumbled down into the woods, where the sedan became trapped under the pickup truck.

By the time police arrived at the scene, the pickup truck was gone. Somehow, the driver of the truck managed to get off of the sedan and get back on the road. They took off and continued driving away from the scene. Sadly, the police have no idea who was driving. There was no identification the car and witnesses didn’t have anything like a license plate to go off of. They didn’t have a true make and model of the car or a description of the driver.

In the meantime, the driver of the sedan was pronounced dead at the scene. The police have emphasized that there was no police pursuit going on at the time of the crash. They also said that no officers were involved in the crash.

The name of the victim has not yet been released as the police are still trying to notify the next of kin. Updates on this story have confirmed that the police are still trying to locate the other driver and is asking the public for their help in locating the suspect.

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