DeKalb County Police Cruiser Crashes into Vehicle Head-on in Stone Mountain

If you’ve ever watched any live police shows, you know how dangerous police chases can be. So do the residents of Stone Mountain after the car accident they witnessed last week in DeKalb County. Dekalb county police cruiser crashes into vehicle head-on in Stone Mountain.

While reports have not been officially confirmed, witnesses claim that a police cruises was involved in a high-speed chase at the time of the crash. They were allegedly following a stolen car on Covington Highway and Young Road immediately preceding the impact.

The police car was attempting to pass another car in order to keep up with the suspect when the officer lost control of their car. The vehicle ended up driving into oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle head-on. They were going quite fast at the time of the crash.

There were 2 police officers in the car at the time of the accident. Both officers, along with several other people, were rushed to the local hospital. There was a total of 5 cars involved in the accident. Miraculously, nobody died in the crash and it appears that the officers will make a full recovery.

Reports state that the officers did have their lights and siren on at the time of the accident. It was about 6:15 p.m. and traffic was rather heavy. The police have refused to comment on the accident other than to say that nobody was seriously injured. Officially, there hasn’t been any update on the condition of the other motorists involved.

These accidents can be difficult to sort out. The police are obviously remaining tight-lipped about the crash. Very few details have been released to date.

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