Charges Filed Against Gwinnett County Man in Shooting Accident

The news brought us a story last week about a woman killed in a random shooting accident in Gwinnett County. 63-year old Patricia Meeks Padget of Atlanta was driving her white Volvo in Gwinnett County when a man ran a red light and crashed into her. Padgett was ejected from her car and pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Padgett was struck by a 41-year old man named Jonathan Porch. Porch was giving a female friend a ride when he said he got into an argument with a stranger in a black SUV. The man chased after Porch, shooting at his car. Porch was trying to escape the gunfire when he ran the red light and slammed into Padgett.

The man chasing after Porch has still not been caught, nor has the woman who was in the truck with Porch at the time of the crash. The female jumped out of the car and took off before the police arrived at the scene.

Thankfully, Porch stuck around and talked to the police. He told them what happened but didn’t seem upset about what happened to Padgett.

Now that the investigation has been completed, several charges have been filed against Porch. These include: vehicular homicide; possession of a controlled dangerous substance; reckless driving; failure to obey traffic laws; and operating a vehicle without a license.

Now that the investigation is complete, the family of the woman killed in this crash may have a claim for damages. If you or your loved one have been injured in any sort of accident, contact our office. You can sit down with an experienced car accident lawyer who can answer any questions you may have.