Airplane Crash in Oconee County, Georgia Leaves Several Dead

Earlier in the afternoon of March 3, 2020, there was breaking news about a plane crash in Oconee County, Georgia. A plane was heading from Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina to the Tuscaloosa National Airport at the time of the crash.

At about 4:35 pm, the National Transit Safety Board confirmed that a Piper PA-46 had crashed about 10 miles southwest of Athens, Georgia. Shortly before the crash, air traffic control at the local airport lost contact with the plane as it was flying over Oconee County.

The plane apparently crashed into a pasture about a quarter of a mile off Elder Road. Thankfully, the plane didn’t damage any homes or put the lives of the homeowners at risk. The nearest home was more than 500 yards away.

Immediately upon crashing into the ground, the plane ignited into flames. Witnesses also reported hearing multiple explosions shortly after the crash. The rescue crews had to close all nearby roads for several hours while the site was investigated and cleaned up.

Investigators are working to determine a cause of the crash. They did confirm that all three of the people on board the plane died in the crash. There were no survivors. No names have been released as they are likely waiting to contact their next of kin.

As part of the investigation, the County coroner is going to perform autopsies on all three of the victims. They’re hoping that will help them determine a possible cause for the crash. They are working with the National Transit Safety Board to find out what exactly happened this afternoon.

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