47-year Old Woman Dies in Fire in Griffin, Georgia

It’s only a week or so into February, and already, 12 people have died in fires in Georgia. That’s about 2-3 people a week. With all of the fire safety and prevention out there, this is hard to fathom. And, this number doesn’t count all of the other people who were injured in house fires.

In Griffin, Georgia this week, the Spading County fire department responded to a house fire off 4th Avenue. When they arrived, they saw the home was engulfed in flames. While they were putting the fire out, they realized there was a person trapped inside. They managed to extract 47-year old Melony Pass out of the back of the house.

Pass was taken to the local hospital right away. She was treated for her injuries but sadly died later that night.

The fire took place at about 11:30 am on February 6, 2020. The investigation is still ongoing. However, they do believe the fire was accidental. They found smoking materials near the victim’s bed. They believe this is what caused the fire.

They’re not sure why Melony Pass was not able to call the fire in herself. She may have been sleeping at the time the fire started. However, the police and fire rescue crew are still trying to work out the details.

Had this fire been started by an electrical issue or some other defect in the victim’s house, her family may have had a potential wrongful death claim. If this is determined to be an accidental fire, that won’t be an issue.

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