4 Workers in Dalton, Georgia Injured in Flash Fire

Whenever there’s a fire at any sort of factory or industrial plant, we always fear the worst. Anyone who works in this environment knows how dangerous it can be. If you work around dangerous chemicals or flammable materials, there’s always the chance of a fire. Sadly, this was the case for 4 workers at an industrial plant in Dalton this past week.

On Wednesday, February 5, the Dalton County police were called to a reported fire at a local industrial plant. The plant is located at 310 Brookhollow Industrial Road in Dalton, Georgia. All they knew is that one of the workers called in to report a chemical fire.

By the time the firefighters arrived on the scene, the fire had been contained for the most part. A sprinkler system inside the plant put out most of the fire. This didn’t prevent several employees from getting injured.

One worker was treated and released at the scene. One employee was taken to Erlaner in Chattanooga while 2 more were transported to Hamilton Medical Center. All three have been hospitalized but are expected to make a full recovery. Thankfully, there were no fatalities here.

The fire investigators believe that a construction worker was walking on a catwalk at the time of the accident. He may have kicked over a container of an unidentified flammable material. The chemical immediately ignited, causing a flash fire. There was no report as to whether this initial employee fell or managed to climb down to safety.

No names have been released at this time. The authorities have also not released the name of the chemical that caused the fire just yet.

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