3 Suspects on the Loose After Crashing Stolen Car and Killing Innocent Motorist

It’s hard enough to learn that your loved one has been hurt or killed in a car accident. But when you find out that the people who hit them took off and fled the scene of the crash, it makes you even angrier. How anyone could smash into an innocent driver and not stick around to make sure they’re okay is unfathomable to most people. But when the people who caused the crash were fleeing the police in a stolen vehicle, what more can you expect? This was the case this week in Atlanta, Georgia.

A woman was driving her Toyota Corolla down Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard at about 8:30 in the morning when she was T-boned by someone driving an orange Dodge Charger. The whole thing was actually captured on a nearby surveillance camera. The camera footage shows the Charger speeding through the intersection and smashing right into the side of the Corolla.

People who saw the crash said they think the Charger was fleeing from police at the time of the crash. As soon as the crash happened, 3 people got out of the Charger and took off on foot. One of them appeared injured and was limping as the other 2 passengers dragged her away from the scene.

Despite the fact that the police arrived at the scene of the crash within 7 seconds, they weren’t able to help the woman driving the Corolla. Sadly, she died as a result of her injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The police are still investigating the crash and are on the lookout for the 3 suspects driving the stolen Dodge Charger.

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