Marietta Burn Injury Lawyer

Accidents can strike at any moment. Sometimes these accidents produce grave injuries. Many people suffer burn injuries in workplace accidents or on another person’s property. Burns can happen from an explosion, fire, or even a machine malfunction. These injuries can range from minor burns to severe burns that are extremely painful and life-threatening. When a burn accident happens, you need help from a Marietta burn injury attorney.

Burn is not only a painful injury, but they can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement. This can affect your personal appearance as well as your life as you know it. Having a burn injury lawyer on your side can help. They will fight for justice in a burn accident and get you the compensation you deserve.

You may be uncertain if your burn injuries are the fault of another. A burn injuries lawyer can help you determine the cause of your burn accident. They can help you figure out who was responsible for your injuries. Many times, burn accidents happen at work. Your employer is responsible for ensuring that you are safe while on the job.

Let an accident attorney help you with your case. They can get you a settlement award for your injuries when a negligent part caused your burn injury.

Do I Need a Marietta Burn Injury Attorney?

Having a burn injury attorney on your side after a burn accident can make your case easier to manage. You have the right to fight a burn injury case on your own. However, a burn injury lawyer will make it easier for you to get a settlement award.

When you hire a burn injuries lawyer, you will receive the legal guidance you need. This will help you to determine how to proceed. They will represent you throughout the duration of your case. They can provide you the legal information you are looking for.

A burn injuries lawyer can help you recover a settlement award quicker. They will negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf. They will fight for your legal rights and get you justice in your case.

Your Marietta burn injury attorney knows what is fair compensation for your injuries after a burn accident. They will not let an insurance company bully them into taking a settlement that is unfair. They will not accept a sum that does not accurately reflect your burn injuries.

Oftentimes, insurance companies pressure burn victims to take a quick settlement that is not fair. They know you have growing medical bills and need compensation quickly. This does not mean you should take the first offer from an insurance company. These offers are typically low-ball offers that are not fair.

A burn injuries lawyer will not stop negotiating with an insurance company until they get fair compensation. When a reasonable settlement is unreachable, your burn injury attorney may recommend that you take your case to court.

In this instance, your Marietta burns injury attorney will provide you with legal representation in court. They will build a strong case against a negligent party and fight for your legal rights. You deserve a settlement award when injured by a negligent party. Let your burn injury lawyer fight for you and help you get the money owed for your injuries.

How Can a Burn Injury Lawyer Help Me?

When you hire a Marietta burn injury attorney, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with care. Your burn injury attorney will represent you throughout your entire case. They will help you to receive fair compensation as quickly as possible.

During your consultation with your burn injuries lawyer, you will have the opportunity to discuss your case. They will answer any questions you might have. They will provide you with the legal advice you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Your burn injury attorney will help you recover a settlement that helps to pay for your medical bills. The settlement can also cover lost wages from work. Your lawyer will investigate the events of your burn accident and determine where the negligence occurred.

A burn injury lawyer knows the law for injury cases and will fight your case against an insurance company. They will advise you when it is necessary to take your case to court to receive a fair settlement. You can count on your Marietta burn injury attorney to help you win your case. They will work hard to collect the maximum settlement possible in your case.

Navigating the legal system is a challenge. It is complex with many rules and regulations that govern its procedures. Your burn injury lawyer will help you through the legal process. They will make the entire situation easier for you to manage so you have the time to recover.

After a burn accident, you should not have to worry about how you will financially make ends meet. A burn injury attorney will make your case as effortless as possible for you. They know you are suffering from your burn injuries. They will get you a settlement award. A burn injury lawyer fights to win, and you can trust that they will fight for you.

Relying on a burn injuries lawyer to help you with your case will make the legal process easier to understand. They can walk you through the steps necessary to collect compensation for your burn injuries. They will guide you through the legal process and keep you abreast of your case at all times.

Your Marietta burn injury attorney is a partner you can trust following your accident. They can help you determine if you have a case that deserves compensation. They can provide you the legal counsel you need to move forward with the matter.

There is no reason you should have to fight a burn injury claim on your own. You do not deserve to suffer in silence. Your burn injury lawyer knows that burn injuries are particularly painful. They will fight for you. They will get you compensation, and they will allow you to recover without worry.

Having a burn injuries lawyer help you with your case will give you time to recover. They will take care of all aspects of your case. You may be hospitalized or need extensive medical treatment. Your burn injury lawyer will allow you to get better while they handle your case.

They will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, so you do not have to stress over a financial arrangement. They will not accept an unfair offer from an insurance company as they have your best interests in mind. They work for you and will fight for your legal rights.

Compensation in a Burn Injury Lawsuit

There are several types of compensation that you may be entitled to in a burn injury lawsuit. Your Marietta burn injury attorney will help you determine the damages that you qualify for in a burn accident including:

  • Medical bills. You deserve compensation to pay for your medical bills after a burn accident. Burn injuries need expensive medical treatment, and your settlement will cover these costs. You will get compensation for any medical care you needed after a burn accident. You will also get damages for any future medical treatment required for your injuries. Your burn injury lawyer can help you determine your total medical expenses from a burn accident.
  • Lost wages from work. You may have to miss work to recover from your burn injuries. These lost wages are recoupable through a settlement award in a burn injury lawsuit. You will receive any earnings you lost out on due to your recovery time. You will also get any future wages you may lose because of your injuries. A Marietta burn injury attorney can help you calculate your total lost wages for compensation.
  • Pain and suffering. Burn accidents are notoriously emotionally stressing. They can cause severe pain and suffering. Pain and suffering damages are recoverable in a burn accident lawsuit. This compensation can help mend the mental anguish you are experiencing. Let your burn injuries lawyer help you recover pain and suffering damages in your burn injury case.
  • Property damage. If you lost property because of a burn accident, you have a right to recover these losses. A burn injury lawyer will recover lost property. This will allow you to recover from your burn injuries without stressing over your personal belongings.
  • Punitive damages. In some burn accidents, the circumstances are especially dangerous and risky. These accidents may qualify for punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded above and beyond your total compensation award. Punitive damages act as a deterrent to others that engage in the same hazardous behavior. They financially punish a negligent party and allows you to move forward after a burn accident injured you. Your burn injury attorney will advise you if your case qualifies for punitive damages.

Deadline to File a Burn Injury Lawsuit

Burn injuries are severe and painful. However, there is still a deadline for filing a lawsuit against a negligent party. There is a statute of limitations in place in Marietta, GA. It states that you have two years from the date of the accident to file your injury lawsuit. Your burn injury attorney can ensure you file within the deadline.

You only have a short window to file your burn injury lawsuit. You, therefore, need to speak to your burn injuries lawyer as soon as possible. Your burn injury lawyer needs time to develop a strong case against the negligent party that caused your injuries.

Failure to file within the two-year deadline could cause you to lose out on your injury settlement. A judge will likely dismiss your case. This will prevent you from receiving compensation for your burn injuries no matter how severe they are.

Speak to your burn injuries lawyer immediately after an accident has caused your burn injuries. Your Marietta burn injury attorney will determine if you have a case. They will help you to secure a settlement through a lawsuit if necessary.

What Should I Do After A Burn Accident?

Burn accidents can be dreadful and scary to everyone involved. You do need to take the necessary steps to preserve your case. Follow these steps if involved in a burn accident that injures you.

  1. Notify your employer or the property owner that an accident has occurred and that you are hurt.
  2. Get immediate medical attention. Do not wait to get the medical help you need for a burn injury.
  3. Do not admit fault or blame for your burn accident.
  4. Photograph the location and surroundings of your accident. Be sure to also photograph your injuries for evidence.
  5. Talk to witnesses of the burn accident. Find out what they saw and get their contact information.
  6. Speak to a Marietta burn injury attorney about your case. They will advise you on how to proceed with your case.

By following these steps, you can preserve your burn accident case. You can make it easier to get the compensation you need to recover. Speak to a Marietta burn injury attorney as soon as possible after your burn accident to determine if negligence occurred. Do not wait to speak to our trustworthy lawyer about your accident. They can help and will get you fair compensation for your burn injuries.

Contact a Burn Injuries Lawyer

If you are a victim of a burn accident, you need the help of a Marietta accident attorney. The burn injury lawyers at Hammers Law Firm are on your side. They will take your burn injury case and get you the compensation you deserve. The burn injuries lawyers at Hammers Law Firm are ready to assist you with your case now. They can help and will fight for your legal rights. Contact us today to set up a consultation.