Mableton Truck Accident Lawyer

Approximately 13% of the traffic fatalities in Georgia and Cobb County occur in truck accidents. Many of these accidents take place in Mableton and its surroundings. For the victims, hiring a Mableton truck accident lawyer is the only way to recover their losses.


No matter where they occur, truck accidents have devastating consequences. They often involve multiple vehicles, huge property damages, and serious injuries. They represent a challenge even for an experienced Georgia accident lawyer.

Trucks weigh 20 or even 30 times more than the average car. Due to their size, they also need longer distances to stop when braking. Also, truck drivers cover longer distances and drive for long periods of time. This affects their attention span and their reaction speed.

As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration admits, truck drivers are at fault in 50% of cases. Any truck accident attorney should be able to confirm the statistics as well. Their accuracy becomes obvious when looking at the main causes of truck accidents in Cobb County.

Truck Accident Causes or Why So Many People Need a Lawyer

At Hammers Law Firm, we have handled quite a few truck accident cases. People come to us looking for a skilled truck accident lawyer in Mableton all the time. We do our best to help them get over what happened and obtain the due compensation. In our investigations, we have come across the following common truck accident causes:

  • Driver negligence – Many drivers get behind the wheel despite being exhausted or having drunk alcohol. Some text while driving, others speed, and quite a few perform dangerous maneuvers. Proving their negligence is not that easy, though. It takes an experienced truck crash lawyer.
  • Improperly maintained trucks – Trucks travel thousands of miles every week, carrying heavy cargo. They need much more maintenance than the average car, and not all of them receive it. Without proper maintenance, technical and mechanical failures are imminent. Proving technical failures is a job for an experienced truck wreck attorney. They need knowledge not only on truck mechanics but also on FMCSA regulations.
  • Noncompliance with traffic rules and signals – Not all drivers obey traffic rules and signals. Some fail to yield right of way, take wrong turns, or exceed the legal speed limit. Their actions often lead to accidents. A dedicated Georgia truck accident lawyer will not rest until they prove the truck driver’s liability. It will take thorough investigations and legal knowledge.
  • Truckload issues – Many trucks are overloaded or carry improperly secured cargo. The weight and stability of the cargo impact road performance. Heavy trucks need longer distances to stop safely. Improperly secured cargo may tilt and affect truck balance and control. Truckload issues may signal driver, trucking company, or cargo owner liability. However, only an experienced tractor-trailer collision lawyer can identify who should be held liable.

These factors often work together, leading to various types of truck accidents. Here are some common cases an experienced lawyer may handle.

  • Tailgating – Trucks often drive close to the cars in front and end up rear-ending them. Sometimes it happens due to high speed. Other times, the brakes malfunction. Other causes are slippery roads and malfunctioning stop lights of the tailgated car. The general belief is that the rear-ending driver is at fault. However, an experienced truck accident attorney may be able to prove otherwise.
  • Blowouts – Tire bursts are dangerous with all vehicles, but they can be fatal when it comes to trucks. They often cause the driver to lose control of the truck and get into the adjacent lane. The vehicle may even end up off the road. Blowouts may be accidental or a sign of poor truck maintenance. An attorney will investigate them closely.
  • Blind spot accidents – All trucks have a blind spot, a small area behind them where drivers can’t see. Many accidents involve vehicles tailgating the truck from their blind spot. Some involve vehicles ending up in the truck’s blind spot as the latter changes lane or direction. It is difficult to assess liability for blind spot accidents. A legal professional will consider many other aspects.
  • Swinging turns – Due to their length, trucks have to turn left before taking a right turn. Many drivers are not aware of this maneuver and speed to overpass the truck. If the truck driver takes the turn without signaling, they are at fault. If they signal but the driver of the car behind does not wait, the latter could be at fault. A Georgia truck accident lawyer will turn to recordings and witnesses to discover the truth.
  • Jackknifing – The trailer cabs of a 19-wheeler skid to a 90-degree angle in cases of sudden braking. They may hit cars in the adjacent lane or rail guards, blocking the road and engaging other vehicles. If the truck driver hit the brakes to avoid a more severe accident, they are not at fault. If they did it because they fell asleep and lost control, they should answer. Again, it takes an experienced truck accident lawyer in Mableton to figure out how it all happened.
  • Rollovers – During sudden braking or turns, heavy trucks may flip on their side. They may trap bystanders or fall over smaller vehicles.
  • Insecure or overweight truck loads – Many trucks carry overweight or improperly secured loads. During sudden maneuvers, the load may tilt and cause the driver to lose control of the truck. It may also detach and fall on the road or over nearby cars, causing accidents. Aware of these issues, a semi-truck accident attorney will often inspect the cargo.
  • T-boning – These accidents occur when drivers accelerate to beat a red light or 18-wheelers fail to stop in due time. Their consequences are often devastating, and compensation claims reach huge amounts. In order to recover their losses, the victims will need an excellent Georgia truck accident lawyer.

Assessing how and why the accident occurred should be the priority of every victim. This is one of the first things a Mableton 18-wheeler accident lawyer does. It is the key to identifying the party at fault and the defendant to the compensation claim. These are not always one and the same. For example, when an insured driver causes an accident, the defendant to the claim is their insurer.

Identifying the party at fault and the best defendant for a compensation claim is not always easy. It is also only the first step in a lengthy and comprehensive compensation claim process. It is better to benefit from the advice of a seasoned legal professional.

The latter will analyze the case details, conduct their own investigations, and recommend the best course of action. Here are some of the potential defendants a tractor-trailer crash lawyer may consider:

Potential Defendants to A Truck Accident Lawyer Will Consider for Your Claim

  • The truck driver (or their liability insurance provider). This scenario applies to accidents occurring due to the truck driver’s negligence. If the driver is insured, it is advisable to seek compensation from their insurer. If they are uninsured, there is always the possibility to sue them in civil court. An experienced truck accident attorney will often advise against suing the driver. It is often easier to seek compensation from the driver’s employer or the victim’s own insurer.
  • The trucking company (or their insurer). Many trucking companies hire inexperienced drivers or neglect truck maintenance or repairs. Their liability is often difficult to prove. However, an experienced Mableton truck accident attorney will accept the challenge.
  • A third-party (or their insurer). Many cars malfunction due to defective parts or inadequate repair and maintenance works. Other times, road maintenance companies neglect to signal road dangers or perform due upkeep. There are also cases when cargo owners overload trucks or fail to secure the load. When these lead to a traffic accident, the party at fault should answer. It takes an experienced and dedicated Georgia truck accident lawyer to make them pay.
  • Another driver (or their liability insurance provider). Sometimes, the truck driver is only a victim. Other drivers violate traffic rules and operate vehicles negligently as well. When that happens, accident victims can seek compensation from the insurer of the party at fault. The process will not be easy so it should be left to a truck accident lawyer.
  • The victim’s insurer. When the party at fault is uninsured, underinsured, or unidentified, the victim’s coverage steps in. Georgia insurers include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in their liability policies. Unless the victim refused the coverage, they should have it and be able to access it.

It is best to consult a legal professional before deciding on the defendant. They will identify the best solution by analyzing liability scenarios and insurance coverage. They will provide corresponding advice and take over all formalities if their client allows it. The sooner they start working on the case, the more they can help.

Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Mableton as Soon as Possible?

Georgia’s statute of limitations allows two years for compensation claims relating to injuries (GA Code § 9-3-33). The state allows four years for compensation claims regarding property damage (GA Code § 9-3-32). It may seem like a lot of time, but it is not. The victim should consult a truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

There are several other reasons for that. On one hand, truck accidents cause serious injuries and huge damages. Quantifying these takes effort, knowledge, and time. Even the best truck accident lawyer in Mableton will need time and effort.

On the other hand, compensation claims are not much simpler than court trials. They, too, require conclusive evidence. The burden of proof falls on the claimant. They will have to prove liability and document all their losses. If they work with a truck accident attorney, the latter takes over all the hassles.

However, they will still need time for investigations, research, gathering evidence, and following procedures. As time goes by, evidence becomes difficult to obtain even for a Georgia truck accident lawyer. Witnesses may forget details or change their address and phone number.

At Hammers Law Firm, we often take over cases right from the accident scene. We encourage everyone to get in touch with a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Sometimes, we even visit them and discuss case details while they are still in the hospital. The sooner we start working on the case, the sooner our clients receive their compensation.

Although hiring a truck accident lawyer in Mableton is not mandatory, it is beneficial. For those who doubt it, a brief overview of the five main benefits may be useful.

5 Main Benefits of Working with a Truck Accident Attorney

1. Advice, guidance, and fewer mistakes

All accident victims are confused and vulnerable to mistakes. Some panic and leave the accident scene. Others refuse medical assistance. There are people who apologize and assume blame for things they did not do. There are also insurance inspectors who trick accident victims into accepting detrimental settlements.

A Georgia truck accident lawyer will guide their client from beginning to end. They will tell them what to expect, and teach them to avoid mistakes. They will review any settlement offers to make sure they are worth accepting. They will protect their clients’ rights and interests against all odds.

2. Thorough knowledge of Georgia laws

Many truck accident victims have no idea what their rights are. They are not familiar with the rules and procedures they need to follow. If they want their compensation claim to be successful, they have two options.

One would be to do their homework and discover the applicable laws and regulations. The other one would be to hire a Georgia truck accident lawyer. The latter knows the relevant laws by heart and will know where and how to apply them. It should be no surprise that Mableton truck accident attorney services are so popular.

3. Lower fault percentage and higher compensation

Every truck accident lawyer is familiar with the contributory negligence principle. It is based on the idea that all the parties involved in an accident may have contributed to it. Therefore, they should answer for the damages according to their fault percentage. Thus, someone 50% at fault for an accident will be liable for 50% of the damages.

Obviously, the defendant to the truck accident claim will argue that the claimant shared fault. The more fault they attribute to the claimant, the less they have to pay as compensation. A truck accident attorney will prove accident liability beyond reasonable doubt. They will prove their client was the victim and secure fair compensation for them.

4. Fewer or no hassles

Accident victims seeking compensation on their own have to do everything themselves. They have to play the detective, investigate, and gather evidence. They have to play the attorney, following procedures, filling in and filing papers. They also have to play the accountant, estimating losses and negotiating their compensation.

This is very difficult for someone recovering from a serious accident. Those who work with a truck accident lawyer have nothing to worry about. Once they sign the power of attorney, their lawyer takes over all hassles. They inform them on how the case progresses and assist them in making decisions.

5. Higher and faster payment

Accident victims who choose self-representation basically wander in the dark. They know they have rights, but they have to discover how to defend them. It all takes time and effort. The defendant will most likely take advantage of their situation and pay less.

For an experienced truck accident lawyer in Mableton, compensation claims are routine. They evaluate the claim, and they negotiate with the defendant until they obtain the due compensation. They do everything faster and better so the defendant cannot avoid or delay paying.

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