Lawrenceville Wrongful Death Lawyer

The unexpected loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult for family members and friends. Substantial medical bills, emotional trauma, and trouble making ends meet are just a few of the things you may be faced within the aftermath of a tragic loss.

Fortunately, it may be possible to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the people or companies responsible for your loved one’s passing. These cases allow you to seek compensation for not just financial losses but also for the emotional toll that the incident has had on your family’s life.

A Lawrenceville wrongful death lawyer may be able to help you to hold the negligent parties responsible and seek justice for the loss of your loved one. A compassionate injury attorney could explain the state’s wrongful death laws, perform an in-depth investigation into the incident, and seek appropriate payments from the parties responsible.

Defining Wrongful Death

Not every death justifies a wrongful death lawsuit. Survivors bear the legal burden of demonstrating that another party’s actions were the cause of the death.

A wrongful death occurs when an individual is killed as a result of someone else’s negligence or misconduct. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-4-1 defines homicide in the context of wrongful death as any death of a human being that results from a crime, a negligent act, or defective property.

An experienced local attorney could assist you in proving that a death was wrongful in nature. They could take the lead in gathering evidence of wrongdoing and constructing a viable wrongful death case.

Relevant Wrongful Death Statutes

Just as state law defines what constitutes a wrongful death, it also outlines the compensation that surviving family members can pursue. There are two main categories of compensation under this system.

The first type of compensation is for the value of the life of the decedent. This can include payments for intangible losses, such as companionship, future lost wages, and the emotional traumas of the survivors.

The second category is intended to compensate for the direct economic losses of the family connected to the event. This typically includes hospital bills, an ambulance ride, and funeral costs. A skilled Lawrenceville attorney could provide more information about your eligibility for damages and assist you in proving the extent of your losses in a wrongful death case.

Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Claims

State law requires that you file a wrongful death claim within a specific amount of time. O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33 explains that wrongful death claims must be filed within two years of the death of the decedent, with a few exceptions. A Lawrenceville attorney who is experienced in filing wrongful death claims could explain the relevant deadlines for your case in more detail.

Contact a Lawrenceville Wrongful Death Attorney Today

An unexpected death is a tragedy that has the potential to upend every part of your life. Unfortunately, these cases can be challenging to pursue alone. Collecting compensation following a wrongful death requires you to prove that another party was liable for the death by committing a crime or being negligent.

A Lawrenceville wrongful death lawyer could take the lead in pursuing your case and take some of this burden off of you. A practiced attorney could explain the concept of wrongful death under state law, gather evidence of fault, and work to seek justice for you and your loved ones. Reach out today to see what a dedicated legal professional could do for you.