Lawrenceville Dog Bite Lawyer

While many people have dogs as lovable members of their family, some dogs do not understand how to interact with strangers. When someone is negligent with their pet in a way that might allow that pet to attack someone, they put you and your loved ones at risk. Dog bite accidents can leave physical and psychological scars that take years to heal.

If you were injured in a dog bite, there are opportunities for you to hold the owner responsible for your losses with aid from an experienced personal injury attorney. Under Georgia law, you have the right to pursue a civil suit for compensation to cope with the medical expenses related to your losses. A Lawrenceville dog bite lawyer could help you succeed.

A Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

Courts across the United States assess a dog’s behavior after an accident using variations of the One Bite Rule. In Georgia, this variation notes that dog owners are only liable for their dog’s behavior if that dog has been labeled as vicious in the past. You must then work with a dog bite attorney in Lawrenceville to not only prove that the dog bit you at the time of the accident but that the animal also had a known history of violence.

However, a dog in Georgia does not have to have a history of biting to be categorized as violent. Instead, dogs with records of disobedience, growling, or even excessive barking can be labeled aggressive. The state elaborates on this classification process in Georgia Code § 51-2-7.

Liability in Dog Bite Cases

It is not the dog who faces the consequences if it bites a person; this state does not require owners to put down any dog that is deemed to be vicious. Instead, if a court indicates that a dog’s owner must take responsibility for that dog’s behavior, then the owner may be liable for your related medical fees and losses.

How Do Attorneys Help You Address Dog Bites?

Life after a dog accident can leave you with substantial medical bills. Not only might you have to contend with physical losses, but you may also have to endure a long-term psychological recovery. A dog attack lawyer in Lawrenceville can help you through this process by providing a legal avenue towards compensation.

If someone injured in a dog bite accident wants to pursue financial awards for their losses, they can file a complaint with the state. In this complaint, you can elaborate on the evidence that you have which establishes the dog as violent and the dog’s owner as negligent. You can work with an attorney throughout this process to not only establish a duty of care but to additionally estimate the damages that you may be entitled to.

Dog bites are classified as personal injury cases upon their arrival in court. You and your lawyer must keep the statute of limitations for personal injury suits in mind while gathering the necessary paperwork. This statute, established by Georgia Code § 9-3-33, gives injured parties two years from the day they are bitten to take their case to court.

Consult with a Lawrenceville Dog Bite Attorney

You never want your interactions with a dog to result in anyone’s harm. Unfortunately, dogs who are not appropriately trained or who get scared easily may react poorly to your presence on their property. If you find yourself contending with a dog bite, the pet owner could face legal consequences for your losses.

You can work with a Lawrenceville dog bite lawyer to determine how the court might view your accident. Reach out to us today to schedule your initial consultation and determine what kind of compensation the liable party may be responsible for.