Lawrenceville Truck Accident Lawyer

Large trucks and other commercial vehicles are an undeniable threat to the well-being of Lawrenceville drivers. While there is no doubt concerning the usefulness and utility of these vehicles, their large size and unwieldy cargoes make them susceptible to accidents and loss of control.

The combination of these factors makes truck collisions a common source of personal injuries. People in other vehicles or by the side of the road are lucky if they manage to avoid permanent injuries due to these crashes. Still, the fact that one vehicle involved in a crash was a commercial truck is never proof that a truck’s driver was to blame for a crash. If you are seeking compensation for losses after an accident, you will need to prove that a trucker carried fault.

If you are pursuing a truck crash case, let a practiced personal injury attorney be your advocate. A Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer could take the lead to gather evidence, evaluate how the incident has affected your life, and demand that truckers, their insurance companies, and their employers provide the payments that you deserve.

Risks Associated with Trucks on the Road

Trucks perform a vital role in local and national economies, but the presence of these vehicles on the road can be a threat to the well-being of other travelers. Trucks are massive, with their size often creating large blind spots where drivers are not able to see smaller cars. Heavy loads of cargo can also make these vehicles slow to stop in an emergency or even result in rollovers or jackknifes.

Another aspect of the trucking industry that creates hazards for others is the demanding nature of the profession. Truckers are often on strict schedules and may drive for upwards of 12 hours a day to deliver their loads. Despite rules from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that set maximum allowable drive times, regulations are often disregarded when truckers feel pressure from employers to deliver on time.

Determining Liability and Seeking Compensation

Under the law, all drivers who cause accidents must provide payments to all affected parties. Truckers are no exception to this rule. However, the trucker may not be the only liable party for an incident. All truckers must have insurance policies that pay compensation to people affected by a driver’s negligence. An initial claim for damages will always flow through this policy.

It may also be possible to hold a trucking company jointly liable for an accident through the legal concept of respondeat superior. In the context of truck accidents, respondeat superior means that an employer is liable for the actions of their employees while that employee is on the clock. If a trucker was performing their job duties at the time of the collision, it is possible that the trucker’s employer will also have some fault in the accident.

Determining which parties are liable after a truck accident is vital to a case’s success. An experienced Lawrenceville truck accident attorney could help you pursue compensation from the liable parties in a truck wreck case.

Filing Your Claim in a Timely Manner

Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-33, a person generally has two years to file a claim following a vehicle accident. Waiting more than two years after the date of a crash may prevent you from being able to pursue compensation for your injuries.

A Lawrenceville attorney skilled in truck crash cases could take the lead in pinpointing the cause of an accident and working quickly to hold the responsible parties accountable. Reaching out to a qualified attorney in a timely manner is a critical part of pursuing truck wreck cases.

Let a Lawrenceville Truck Accident Attorney Protect Your Rights

Collisions with large trucks and other kinds of commercial vehicles have the potential to impact every part of your present and future. They can result in significant physical injuries as well as affect your emotional well-being and ability to earn a living. If a trucker was responsible for an accident that resulted in these losses, they should provide appropriate compensation.

A Lawrenceville truck accident lawyer could help you pursue these payments, taking care of every part of the case to protect your legal rights and provide you with peace of mind. Call today to get started.