Single Vehicle Accidents: Who’s at Fault?

Not all automobile accidents involve two or more vehicles. In many cases, only one vehicle is involved, injuring the driver and any passengers. Some single vehicle accidents are the fault of the driver. But in many of them, another driver who did not wreck will still be at fault. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger injured in a single vehicle accident, you need to consult an experienced car wreck attorney in Georgia.

Single vehicle accidents are more common than many people realize. They often occur on poorly lit, poorly maintained, and rural roads. Contributing factors to these accidents include the following:

Poor weather. Adverse weather conditions make it more difficult to see and safely operate the vehicle. Rain, ice, snow, or even bright, glaring sun can cause trouble for drivers.

Night driving. Decreased visibility at night makes it easier to get into a wreck. This is especially true if the driver is unfamiliar with the area.

Unsafe road conditions. Dirt roads, roads with heavy construction, and poorly maintained roads can cause accidents. Excessive curves, lack of guardrails, and unsafe road shoulders may also be factors.

Other drivers. Poor or dangerous driving on the part of other motorists can cause single vehicle accidents. Unsafe lane changes, abrupt stops, and speeding are common examples.

These and other factors are difficult to anticipate or avoid. But they explain why so many single vehicle accidents happen. They can lead to these and other types of crashes:

  • Running off the road and colliding with a tree, utility pole, or other stationary object
  • Colliding with a deer or other large animal
  • Driving over debris in the road, including large objects that have fallen off another vehicle
  • Automobile malfunction due to vehicle defect or poor design

As you can readily guess, not all of these crashes are necessarily the driver’s fault. An accident might be caused by driver error such as failing to account for bad weather. Depending on the circumstances in your case, the crash could be attributed – at least partly – to someone else. For example, if an object falls off a truck and causes a wreck, the truck driver is at fault. The same is true for unsafe and dangerous driving behaviors that cause another driver to run off the road. A vehicle with poor design could flip over on curvy roads.

The difficulty is holding these other parties at fault. This is especially true where another driver is responsible. By the time you know what happened, the at-fault vehicle may be long gone. If you believe another driver caused your accident, you need to act quickly. If there were other witnesses to the accident, get their contact information. Make sure to call the police and give a report, and obtain a copy of the report later. Photographs of your vehicle, where it was struck, and its position on the road could help. Surveillance footage, if available, would be especially useful.

Of course, not all accidents caused by another driver are so easy to document. You may have been in the middle of nowhere when the wreck happened, with no witnesses of any kind. You should still make a police report, and also speak right away with an experienced accident attorney. Your attorney can review your options and explore the possibility of claiming through your insurance policy.

If a third party caused your accident, such as a construction company or the automobile manufacturer, you’ll need legal assistance. Holding these parties responsible for your accident is no easy task. You will need to show that the at-fault party was negligent in some way which led to your accident. And you will have to show what sort of injuries you sustained because of the crash.

What if you were a passenger in the vehicle? If the driver is at fault, you could claim through his or her insurance policy. But the driver may try to pin responsibility on someone else. While the driver is denying blame, your injuries could get lost in the shuffle. An attorney can help.

Hammers Law Firm Helps Victims of Single Vehicle Accidents

No matter what type of accident you were involved in, your injuries won’t wait. Your best bet is to seek the help of a qualified Georgia automobile accident law firm right away. Don’t wait, because the more time that passes the more difficult it will likely be to file a claim. Call Hammers Law Firm today.