Proving Lost Wages After an Accident or Injury in Mableton, Georgia

If you have suffered an automobile accident or personal injury, you will likely lose time from work. Many accident and injury victims have to spend time in the hospital after being hurt. Even routine doctor’s visits, follow-up appointments, and the like will cause you to lose money. Proving these lost wages after an accident can be challenging, but an experienced Mableton, Georgia auto accident attorney can help.

Recoverable Damages From an Injury Include

First, understand the different types of wage-related damages you may be able to recover after an accident or injury. The most obvious are lost wages due to time in the hospital, at the doctor, in physical therapy, and otherwise. Another category is loss of future wages. These may be available in catastrophic situations that prevent an accident or injury victim from ever going back to work. The family of a victim who dies may also be able to recover lost wages in a wrongful death lawsuit. Various factors including the deceased victim’s work history and possible future promotions may be taken into account.

Another related category is lost earning capacity. These damages are for victims who are unable to return to their jobs at the same level of performance. Perhaps the victim was a skilled tradesman whose injuries prevent him from doing the same kind of work as before. In many cases, the victim can still work, but not in the same field or profession. When an accident or injury disrupts your ability to earn a living, you can seek damages.

There are various forms of evidence you will need to explore with your attorney in order to justify your claims. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Medical Records

These not only establish the nature of your injuries, but often contain work restrictions from doctors. Medical records can support your need to take time from work and explain the reasons for your missed days.

Missed days and time from work. Along with your medical records, keep a running list of all days off from work. Also keep track of hours you had to miss to go to a doctor’s appointment. If you are an hourly worker, these appointments can quickly add up to large chunks of lost wages after an accident.

Employer Statement

This is a written statement from your boss, supervisor, human resources manager, or other individual, on company letterhead. It can provide valuable details about your reduced job functions or other adjustments made in light of your injuries. This statement can also detail the amount of money you earn, potential job promotions that may be affected, and more.

Pay and Other Records

These can include pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, and more. Documents such as these can give a monetary value to your lost time from work. They may also substantiate financial measures you were forced to take because of your lost earnings. For example, a victim might run up credit card expenses to make up for money he or she didn’t earn. Of course, any financial decisions made must clearly be related to your injuries, so discuss these records with your attorney.

Past Pay and Financial Records

Records from before your accident are also useful, especially in lost earning capacity cases. They can show what level of work you were capable of before suffering your injuries.

If your case goes to court, you may need the assistance of experts. These are professionals who can testify about the impact of your injuries on your present and future earnings. A medical expert can explain the physical limitations caused by your accident or injury. This individual can also explain when, if at all, you can return to work or return at the prior level. Other experts can testify as to the economic impact of your lost time from work. For instance, they can review your work and earning history and predict what you may earn in the future.

If You’ve Lost Wages After an Accident, Call an Experienced Mableton Injury Attorney

Calculating damages from accidents and injuries is a difficult topic, and requires consideration of numerous factors. Turn to an experienced auto accident injury lawyer in Mableton at Hammers Law Firm. We understand what it takes to quantify your losses so you get the maximum compensation possible. Schedule your consultation with our office today and let us help get the justice you deserve.