Liability in Atlanta Bad Weather Accidents

Everyone knows that inclement weather makes driving much less safe. However, far too many irresponsible drivers try to use the weather as an excuse to cover up their poor driving. Bad weather does not give a driver a free pass to be negligent. Quite the opposite: when conditions are poor, drivers need to be even more cautious. When they’re not, and other drivers get hurt, you need an experienced Atlanta car wreck attorney on your side.

Atlanta traffic is already bad, even in the best of conditions. But poor weather adds to the problem. Each season brings its own set of hazardous weather. Everything from snow and ice to rain and wind can make driving less safe. And sometimes bad weather, like thunderstorms, can come on suddenly. It doesn’t matter when inclement weather starts or what type it is. Every driver owes a duty of reasonable care to all other drivers.

In clear conditions, that generally means safe and responsible operation of the vehicle. Go the speed limit, don’t cut off other drivers, avoid road rage, and so forth. When the weather is bad, it’s important to drive with caution. That includes slowing down, sometimes substantially. It also means using your headlights and wipers to maximize your vision. And, of course, you should take another look in your blind spot before switching lanes.

Still, even the safest drivers can get into accidents. The question for an Atlanta car wreck attorney is whether the crash was due to negligent driving. Many factors will go into this determination, and among them will be the weather conditions. If the other driver adjusted his behavior by slowing down and taking other precautions, proving liability may be more difficult. This means you may end up in a battle with the driver’s insurance company.

Bad weather also makes it more difficult for a witness to see whether another driver is being negligent. In clear conditions, there may be numerous eyewitnesses to reckless driving. During a downpour, however, visibility decreases for everyone. Most would-be witnesses are even more focused on their own driving. If a car hits you, there’s a good chance you won’t see it coming. That might mean no one else did, either.

So how can you prove someone was driving negligently for the weather conditions? Start with witnesses, if you have them. As mentioned above, not every negligent maneuver will be seen by someone else. But drivers who are exceptionally reckless are likely to be noticed. This is especially true if they are speeding or weaving in and out of lanes.

Next, look at the scene of the accident. Are the other driver’s tires bald or in otherwise poor condition? Are the headlights or wipers off? Is the other driver drunk or fatigued? Is there evidence of illegal cell phone use or other distracted driving? Sometimes it takes deeper investigation to determine if poor weather really is to blame. This is where a skilled Atlanta, Georgia automobile accident attorney will prove useful.

In any event, be careful what you do after the car accident. You should call for emergency medical assistance in the event someone is seriously injured or possibly injured. Call law enforcement, always, and make a police report. Even if you think you have not been hurt, see a doctor just to make sure.

An adjuster from the insurance company may contact you and ask you to give a recorded statement or provide other evidence. If you admit fault or say something that otherwise weakens your case, it may come back to hurt you. Let an Atlanta, Georgia automobile accident attorney handle the case and help you navigate the insurance companies.

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