A Pennsylvania state court ruled on November 9 that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson must pay a $1.75 million fine after finding that the company did not adequately warn of the risk of gynecomastia associated with the drug Risperdal. Although the company did disclose that the risk was present, it was only reported to affect fewer than one in every 1,000 patients. So far, the problem has affected a much larger group of people than expected.

The case was brought by the family of Nicholas Murray, an autistic Maryland boy whose breast growth was linked to the use of the drug.

The lawsuit alleged that Johnson & Johnson knew about and failed to properly communicate to doctors and patients that use of the drug, which is prescribed to treat schizophrenia, autism, and certain issues caused by bipolar disorder, was linked to breast growth in boys and young men. Johnson & Johnson has gone to trial four times in the past year to face these same allegations. The first claim yielded a $2.5 million verdict.

A lawyer for Johnson & Johnson claims that the company has acted responsibly and that it spent years studying and testing the drug, but there are currently thousands of pending Risperdal cases being adjudicated in mass torts across the country claiming otherwise.


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